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Another engagement success for The Bachelor franchise.  According to Twitter today, Holly Durst (28) announced that she and Blake Julian (28) have set their wedding date.  Still waiting to hear about all of the mushy-gushy details.

Holly first appeared on The Bachelor Season 12: London Calling with Matt Grant (ABC’s first bachelor from outside of the US).  Originally from Suffield, Ohio, this children’s book author didn’t find love on The Bachelor; however, she did come back to compete in ABC’s The Bachelor Pad for $250,000 where she met her fiance AND left with the cash (win-win. Looks like you can find love and money in the same place at the same time).

The Bachelor Pad revealed Holly’s complicated love life for all the world to see.  Remember DeAnna and Stephan Stagliano?   Well, back in 2009 Holly had been dating Stephan’s twin brother, Michael (another Bachelor contestant), and not just dating…they went so far as to become engaged.  Then Holly called off the wedding.  They got back together, but Michael was just too hurt by Holly’s previous decision to call off the engagement and it didn’t last.  Those old feelings of affection resurfaced when they both starred (and paired up as partners) on The Bachelor Pad.  Just one problem…Blake Julian, the dentist with the perfect, Ken-doll, blindingly white smile – who, might I add, legitimately brushes his teeth for two whole minutes…he times it.

To Michael’s dismay, Blake and Holly started a romantic connection on The Bachelor Pad, flirting in the house and sharing a kiss on a ski/snowboard date.  Blake and Holly’s relationship moved quickly and within months following the show, they were engaged.

The Proposal: Blake and Holly were filming for an update special ABC was doing on their relationship.  Blake planned with the producers to surprise Holly with a picnic and a proposal at the end of the day.  Another win-win, because Holly was surprised and ABC got to catch it all on tape to show millions of viewers for the first time…and Michael.

ABC aired the proposal on The Bachelor Pad finale, blind-siding Michael.  In the interview below, Holly says that she had tried telling Michael the night before but his phone had been taken away for filming.

Holly’s interview about how it went down: Here
Michael’s interview about how it went down: Here

Back to the engagement: After the airing of The Bachelor Pad finale, Holly moved to South Carolina to be with her fiance as Blake had recently bought a dental practice there.  Holly tweeted the pics below of her happily making herself at home as an engaged woman.

The Ring: The ring is a Neil Lane dazzler – almost as sparkly as Blake’s smile.

For pics of the rock check out these articles: Wetpaint.com and People Style Watch

How do you feel about the engagement Bachelor Fans? Are you team Michael or Team Blake?

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