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It’s official. Holly Durst has found her wedding dress, arguably the most important part of the ceremony (please sense the sarcasm).  Although, we won’t be seeing pictures of the dress she chose so she can surprise her fiance on the big day, we were given a few teaser shots.  Holly went wedding dress shopping with Life & Style at Alfred Angelo Bridal salon in Atlanta.

Holly told Life & Style that she had never pictured her wedding day before she met Blake. (Ouch. Poor Michael.)  Wetpaint.com wrote an article citing three reasons why Holly and Blake won’t last.  I’m usually a glass half-full kind of girl and always rooting for a couple to make it.  However, Wetpaint writer, Heide Suke, makes a good point:  Holly is in love with being in love.  Holly and Blake’s romance was a short six months before they decided to become engaged.  And Holly had trouble walking down the aisle before with ex-fiance Michael Stagliano.  I think she may still be in the honeymoon phase of the relationship and fascinated with the ideal image of love and marriage.  Can she handle the realities that come with it?  And by realities I don’t mean the reality created by reality television.

But who am I to say?  I thought Ali and Roberto would last.  I’m a bit of an idealist myself.

The Wedding Date: Looks like they’re planning on early June near Blake’s 29th birthday because Holly joked about her being his birthday gift. Cute or weird. I can’t decide.

Now on to the next important part of the wedding…planning the bachelorette party.  Holly along with Peyton Wright are still scheming for both of their bachelorette parties and I’m sure wouldn’t be opposed to taking your suggestions via Twitter, Bachelor Fans (BFs). @HollyDurst @PeytonJWright