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We had questions.  We wanted answers. Looks like we might get a few of them this Friday.  Ali Fedotowsky speaks to People Magazine about her break-up with Roberto Martinez.  Finally maybe we’ll have a few answers to our questions of why this relationship didn’t make it.  While People is making us wait until Friday for the story to hit the stands, they did give us a few teaser quotes.

“I wouldn’t be being truthful if I said this came out of nowhere,” Ali said tearfully according to People.  (After all they had had an 18-month engagement and kept pushing back the wedding date.)

“We both realized we were unhappy more than we were happy and we both deserved more.”

“We definitely had been having problems. But I had always believed that we could work it out.”

Ali also finally broke her silence on Twitter with this tweet:

Looks like we’re finally poking a few holes into the wall that has kept the reason for this break-up fully guarded.  Hopefully, the rest of People’s article won’t be vague round-about answers that usually tend to accompany these celebrity break-ups.  Hang tight Bachelor Fans.  Friday can’t come soon enough.  Until then, let me know if you have any ideas about what caused this break-up.