The wait is over, Bachelor Fans.  Ben’s 25 ladies have been officially announced by ABC. Chalk one up for Reality Steve. He did not let us down with his spoiler list of 13 ladies.  Courtney the model from the Caesar’s palace commercial.  Check. Elyse the fitness trainer. Check. And so on and so forth.  There were also several older women on Ben’s list.  When I say I older, I mean a few years senior to Ben’s 28 years.  I saw a couple 34-year-olds, a 30-year-old, and a 33-year-old.

The most interesting bio though, which I’m sure caught everyone’s attention, was that of Sheryl.  Looks like ABC decided to throw in another curve ball this season.  This past season with Ashley Hebert we had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff Medolla, the masked man who wanted to show the world that looks weren’t everything and a personality could prevail.  Too bad his personality was lacking as well.

This season, ABC is attempting to test the other age-old (pun intended) question of when it comes to love, does age matter?  Meet Sheryl.

Her age is listed on her bio as “age is just a number.”  Could she be his sugar mama, his cougar, the woman for which he’s been waiting?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

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