Finally, a Fantasy team I can play.  The Bachelor on ABC is rolling out their own Fantasy team game.

Admittedly I was not all too excited about this season of The Bachelor. (Sorry Ben.)  Too much cat-fighting for me.  HOWEVER. I absolutely love games and am ashamedly way too excited by this new Fantasy Bachelor game.

Via The Bachelor page on Facebook, go to the Fantasy Bachelor link on the left-hand toolbar.  From there you choose three bachelorettes to comprise your team each week.  ABC has outlined a few rules to keep in mind when choosing your team.

Depending on how in depth you want to research before you play, you can check out bios and sneak peeks at ABC’s page (the clip with the girl who rides in on a horse is a good one) or the sneak peek from my previous post.

I already picked my three.  Who did you pick?  You have until Monday to change your mind.