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In case you missed last night’s episode…

The most awkward introduction?  Too many to count and frankly who wants to relive those moments, but the winner…the girl who couldn’t think of anything to say?  (Maybe start with “Hi, I’m so-and-so.” Just a thought.)…the girl who tried to spray mouth freshener in Ben’s mouth and missed?…No, the winner might just have to be Anna, who haughtily walked past Ben without so much as a “hello.”  As you can see below, that didn’t go over so well.

Who got kicked off:

We already have our cast of characters emerging.  As of now it appears…

Our Drama Queen: Jenna the overanalyzer – hands down. Already so many tears.

Our Drama Maker (the nemesis): that blonde chick that got too tipsy (Monica). She also picked a fight with Jenna.  But, hey, it wouldn’t be The Bachelor if two of the contestants didn’t hate each other.

Our Girl-Next-Door: tie with Jamie and Kacie B.

The Girl Everyone Hates: (based off of previews for upcoming episodes) also known as “the girl who acts differently in front of Ben than when she’s with the other girls” – Courtney the model

The Front Runner: The girl on the horse and winner of the first impression rose (Lindzi C.) Side note: The horse was so nervous because of the cameras that it relieved itself in front of Ben.

The Deal with Sheryl: Alright you got me, ABC.  I fell for it.  Turns out Sheryl (the older lady) was just a clever way to get Ben to meet her granddaughter, Brittney.  Sheryl came out of the limo introduced herself to Ben professing her adoration for him and then proceeded to introduce her granddaughter. Clever, clever. Sheryl stayed for part of the party and then had Ben escort her out.

Behind-the-scenes extras: according to Chris Harrison’s blog, the girls never move into the mansion because they head straightaway to Ben’s vineyard in Sonoma and then San Francisco (Ben’s hometown).

Fantasy Bachelor: My picks from last night: Blakeley, Courtney, and Jamie.

ABC also has a page to update you each week on the girls whose journeys for love end.