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I apologize for my delay in posting this as I know you are all dying to carefully, informatively select your picks for this week’s Bachelor Fantasy game (sarcasm intended to all my friends who still are slacking on playing, but it’s cool).

Here’s the Gist:

As always the ones with red X’s were booted off this week.  Only 13 remain.

The Twists: Brittney (the one who brought her grandma on the show) decided she wasn’t feeling it with Ben, gave up her one-on-one date Ben had chosen her for, packed her bags and headed back to Grandma’s house – reminding Ben that love is a two-way street.

Also, Shawntel returned!  Remember the funeral director from Brad’s season of The Bachelor? That’s okay if you don’t, because I’m adding this handy-dandy photo to give you context.

Apparently Shawntel met Ben at a Bachelor mixer, reunion show, Bachelor community service, or something of the sort and they texted a few times.  Well, you can imagine how the other Bachelorettes felt (claws out) when Shawntel walked into the party before the rose ceremony without any formal introduction and stole some “alone time” with Ben.  And by “alone time” I mean on the patio with several girls watching and trying to overhear the conversation.
Apparently Shawntel is not the only blast from the past coming to rock The Bachelor franchise world, but more about that in a future post.

Erika – I don’t know what was up with her, but she became light-headed before the final rose was handed out and had to lie down.  After she recovered, Ben announced that he would not be handing out the final rose, meaning both Erika and Shawntel were headed home.  As Ben walked Shawntel out he said he had to be fair to the other girls.  Maybe Courtney swayed him when she hesitated before accepting Ben’s rose and eloquently followed up with her displeasure at Ben talking with “what’s-her-butt” (yes, that’s right we’ve reverted back to kindergarten).  Or maybe Ben just wasn’t feeling it.  In any case, 13 ladies left.

Now you’re all caught up and ready for those Bachelor Fantasy picks.  I’ll post my picks soon.

Next destination: The romantic city of Park City, Utah.