People magazine started the buzz about Emily Maynard (the blonde, barbie doll-esque beauty who spits out rainbows and butterflies and probably has all of the animals in the forest sing with her) being the next Bachelorette.  I have to admit I wasn’t all too thrilled with this pick.  While Ben’s likability has been growing on me this season (slowly but still on the up-and-up), Emily Maynard’s likeability has been decreasing.  Now before you start coming at me with pitchforks, let me say she may very well be a sweetheart.  HOWEVER, production tends to focus heavily on Emily’s obsession with her daughter – Ricky this and Ricky that.  It’s sweet, but also wearing on my last nerve and I don’t know if I can manage a whole season of that.

But wait!  Hold the phone.

Emily Maynard may NOT be the new Bachelorette for Season 8 according to recent articles by Wetpaint and RumorFix.  An unidentified source (aren’t they always) from within The Bachelor production world said:

“Emily definitely wants to be the next Bachelorette.  She filled out the paperwork, but that doesn’t 100% mean she’ll be chosen.  ABC won’t decide until this season is over because they want to see how the audience reacts to the current group of girls.  There may be a girl this season that the audience likes even more than Emily.”

So looks like Ben’s brigade of bachelorettes have the potential to swoop in and steal the Bachelorette title from Emily.

Makes sense.  Ratings are king.  They want you to tune in.  So speak up Bachelor Fans…who do you want to see as the next Bachelorette?

Wetpaint also has a cute article listing who they think should be the next Bachelorette over Emily in case you want to see how the polls are leaning.