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If you missed last night’s episode, for shame because you missed the skinny dipping episode.  Never fear it looks as though there will be enough cat-fighting (mostly directed at Courtney) next week to keep you tuned in.

Who got kicked off:

The red X’s indicate the two unfortunate ladies who were kicked off last night.

How he let them go:

Elyse – After receiving a one-on-one date with Ben, Elyse was sent home before the date was over.  Ben decided he just wasn’t feeling it, claiming he had stronger connections with the other girls.  As Elyse took a boat ride home, the soft melodic tunes of David Gray filled the scene.  Cut to Ben walking thoughtfully down the beach symbolically letting the rose he did not give to Elyse drift away in the ocean waves.  The stuff production is made of.

Jennifer – This one surprised me.  And I can’t say I was all too happy Ben let this one go (mostly because she was one of my picks for Fantasy Bachelor this week – You’re costing me points, Ben!).  Editing made it seem like he was really interested in Jennifer but there must have been something not shown or something I missed whilst gossiping at our Bachelor viewing parties.

Girls to keep track of:

Courtney –Yep, still annoying and still playing the role of villain.  Courtney showed up outside of Ben’s room in her white robe with a bottle of wine.  Can you see where this is going?  If you said skinny dipping, you would be correct.  And did she get a rose at the rose ceremony?  Why yes, I do believe she did.  Did the other girls find out?  Not yet.

Jamie – Jamie as you will recall is a nurse who had to take care of her brothers and sisters when her parents passed away.  We haven’t seen much of her and Ben’s interactions on camera, yet she keeps sneaking by at the rose ceremonies.  I’m assuming she hasn’t been shown because she’s normal, and normal doesn’t work well with creating drama and story lines – unless of course you’re cast as this season’s All-American Sweetheart, Girl-Next-Door type.  Unfortunately for Jamie though, that role is taken by Kacie B.

Winning Counter:

I think it is time we begin to keep track of how many times Courtney says “winning” in each episode.

Now you’re pretty much caught up with the important tidbits from last night’s episode.  I’ll keep you posted on Bachelor Fantasy.  Until next time, Bachelor Fans.