In case you are just tuning in, let me introduce you to the Fantasy Bachelor game.  It is ABC’s version of Fantasy Football.  Each week you get to pick your team, consisting of 3 bachelorettes.  You make your selection based off of the scoring system, which changes week-to-week.  See below for this week’s scoring system.

My picks from last week: I’m blanking on the three I chose – I think Blakeley, Kacie B., and Lindzi.  What I can tell you is that it resulted in a whopping score of 35 points.  Not okay, ladies.  Last week I’m sure the crying episodes lost me some major points.  Let’s keep the tears at a minimum this week, shall we?

My picks for this week: Alright, I’m still sticking with my two front runners: Kacie B. and Lindzi (also known as the horse lady).  As we will recall, Lindzi was given the first impression rose the first night after she rode in on her horse.  Kacie B. (also known as the-girl-next-door) and Ben appear to have a strong connection.  We’ll see if it’s just editing pushing us to believe it.

My reasoning for choosing Jamie?  My one friend who I successfully rounded up to play Fantasy Bachelor with me chose Nicki.  I was torn between Jamie and Nicki.  After my friend went with the blind-shooting strategy to choosing her team, I decided to spice up the mix and go with Jamie to make for an interesting Bachelor viewing party.  Team Jamie vs Team Nicki.  Let the games begin.