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A little extra Bachelor tidbits before we get ready for tonight’s hometown dates…

Bachelor Party Van:
If you haven’t already heard on the Twittosphere, this season Chris Harrison and Ben Flajnik are hopping aboard a Bachelor party van each week and crashing different Bachelor viewing parties in the LA area.  I’ve been trying to persuade him to make his way out to Beantown but no luck so far.  Also, is it just me or does it seem strange that Ben is crashing these parties as well?  I know he’s not supposed to be seen in public with the girl he chooses from the show before the finale airs, but to crash random girls’ Bachelor viewing parties?  That just seems off.  In any case, if you want to request to have The Bachelor van crash your viewing party you can email bachelortv@gmail.com.

To watch the video of the Bachelor van click here.
Also, in case you’re looking for more Bachelor gossip or want to get a recap from a previous bachelor/ette contestant’s perspective, take your pick because everyone and their mom has a blog commenting on each episode.

Tonight: Get excited because hometown dates are about to begin!!

Fantasy Bachelor Game Predictions: I still maintain Nicki is going home tonight.  Based off of his conversations with the girls (well, the conversations that are shown) he just seems to be in to the other three girls (Kacie B., Lindzi, and Courtney) more.

Chris Harrison hints in his blog that one of the dates doesn’t go as planned and the Fantasy Bachelor game hints that one of the parents doesn’t approve of Ben.  Could this be the end of Courtney and Ben?  Does his date with Nicki go really well?  We haven’t seen much of her so that would be a surprise.  I hope not, because I chose her to go home for Fantasy Bachelor.  Nothing personal.  Just trying to earn some points.  How ’bout you, Bachelor Fans?  Any predictions on who’s going home tonight?  Anyone else playing Fantasy Bachelor?