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Fantasy Suites!
And then there were two.  Lindzi and Courtney will meet Ben’s family during the final episode of The Bachelor.

Who Got Kicked Off:

The Dates:
As per usual, all dates consisted of a hot tub and an invitation to “forego their original rooms and stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.”  To which all of the ladies accepted.

Nicki – Ben and Nicki went on a helicopter ride over Switzerland.  The most notable part of the date was when Ben told Nicki her dad reminded him of his dad.  As you will recall, Ben’s dad passed away awhile back, causing Ben to put up walls around his heart.  The one thing I took away from this date was Nicki sure does talk a lot.  Maybe she was just excited about seeing a future with Ben, but telling him that every five seconds may have been coming on a bit strong.  Maybe, just a little bit.

Lindzi – Lindzi and Ben (both afraid of heights mind you) spent their date propelling down a craggy gorge.  Maybe it was the adrenaline rush, but at dinner Lindzi finally told Ben she was falling in love with him.  So now all three ladies have dropped the L bomb.  Lucky Ben.

Courtney – Ben took Courtney on a lovely train ride complete with a picnic near some cows.  Romantic?  Side note: I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every time Courtney is with Ben a weird thing happens where her voice turns into a kindergartner’s.  End of side note. At dinner, Ben brought up his concerns to Courtney about her behavior around the other women.  She admitted she made mistakes on how she handled certain things, saying “I have trust issues with men…and women.” So what I’m getting from that is that you don’t like people…?

During her interviews with ABC producers it almost seemed like she was sincere about liking Ben. What’s this, does Courtney have a heart?

But wait, the twist!

Surprise: Kacie B. came back and planted seeds of doubt in Ben’s head about Courtney.  After Ben’s dates, Kacie B. came back to ask Ben what happened between them and why it didn’t work out.  He basically told her it was her family and that they came from such different backgrounds.  Also the fact that he has three other ladies he just likes more could have come in to play, Kacie B., just sayin’.  Come on Kacie B., save that for The Ladies Tell All.  Before she left, Kacie B. told Ben she didn’t want to see him hurt and that Courtney would most definitely break his heart.  Then after Ben closed the door saying, “I just don’t know what to say,”  (It seems like he hasn’t known what to say this whole season.  The ladies do most of the talking.) Kacie B. overwhelmed by the whole ordeal lies down on her back on the hotel hallway floor.  Yep, just plops down staring up at the ceiling.  There are no words.

At the rose ceremony, after considerable hesitation, Ben stuck with his gut and asked Courtney to stay.  I mean he’s already had a fake wedding ceremony with her.

Promo: I have to say The Bachelor did a nice job last night of simultaneously promoting the next season of The Bachelorette and the premiere of Titanic in 3D.  In the promo Emily Maynard gets advice from previous bachelorettes Ashley and Allie. The three went dress shopping in LA, followed by getting their a makeup done and going to see Titanic in 3DThe Bachelorette is set to premiere in the spring.

Predictions: I still think Courtney is going to take it all.  I’m also going to predict that Courtney and Ben are no longer together.  We’ll find out on the season finale in two weeks.

Two weeks until the season finale and our Bachelor viewing party which I will happily tell you all about!!  Next week, The Women Tell All episode!