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They’re baaaack.  All of those faces no one remembers and Chris Harrison ready to rehash all of those awkward and memorable moments.

But first, ABC gave us an inside look into one of The Bachelor reunions.  This one took place in Vegas at the Mirage.  What is a Bachelor reunion you ask?  A place where all those rejected Bachelor and Bachelorette stars from seasons past can get together, mingle, and hook-up – I mean find love.  Plus, then the producers can get a good idea of who to cast for the season’s next Bachelor Pad.  I think everyone is hoping for an Ali/Frank reunion.

On to the episode – This episode can pretty much be summed up in two words: Cat fighting.  Most of the trash talking was directed toward Courtney.  Although Blakeley took a few hits herself mainly from Samantha.

The one who surprised me the most was Samantha.  She came out with guns-a-blazin’.  She just had all kinds of things to say – or scream is more like it.  Samantha was the girl who Ben sent home before the rose ceremony because she basically demanded a one-on-one date from him.  Brittney put a stop to it by likening her to a chihuahua.

The best part about the whole episode was all of the faces the ladies kept making whenever a clip was shown or another woman was talking.  I may have to compile a montage for you all.

Another surprise twist was that the producers brought Courtney on to the show to increase ratings – I mean to defend herself.  Well, all of the ladies could smell blood in the water and boy did they attack.  Courtney responded with tears and an apology.  What’s this? Could Courtney have feelings, contrary to popular belief?  I cannot decide if she’s just so socially awkward that it comes off as negative or if she really is as awful as everyone is making her out to be.

They steered clear of talk about the finale and who Ben chooses.  However, one thing to note was right before Courtney left she said, “I loved, Ben.” LovED – past tense.  And then it seemed like she caught herself and added. “And I still do.”

So I’m sticking with my guess that Ben chooses Courtney, he sees all of the episodes and negative press and ditches her.

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for…the finale!! Next week bring on the tears of joy and heartbreak when Ben proposes to one of the final two ladies in Switzerland.