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Could it be that time again already? Bust out the bubbly because tonight Season 8 of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard premieres!  Monday 14th at 9:30|8:30c, Bachelor Fans!

A little prep for tonight:

Emily’s Background: Emily, 26, first appeared on Season 15 of The Bachelor, where she won Brad Womak’s heart.  Despite winning that season of The Bachelor, the Children’s Hospital event planner and The Bachelor hunk had a rocky start to their relationship, and the pair didn’t even last to the reunion show after the season aired.  Still, Emily remained a fan favorite capturing America’s hearts with her tragic love story.  Prior to walking onto The Bachelor scene, Emily was engaged to NASCAR stock car driver, Ricky Hendrick.  In 2004, headed for Martinsville Speedway, Ricky Hendrick was killed in a plane crash.  After the plane crash, the then 18-year-old Emily discovered she was pregnant with her daughter Ricki. Ricki (full name: Josephine Riddick Ricki Hendrick), now 6-years-old, as I’m sure you can guess was named after her father and is an integral part of Emily’s life.

Emily’s Men: ABC’s official list of the 25 men who will be competing for Emily Maynard’s hand in marriage is up on the site or you can see my previous post here giving a brief overview.  Spicing up the mix we have quite a few international hunks (one from Brazil, Colombia, Canada and The Netherlands) and oh, what’s that now? Yes, a racecar driver.  Of course you would, ABC.

Sneak Peek: Did I hear what I think heard? Sweet, docile, Emily Maynard telling someone to “get the f*** out?” See what set her off:

Bingo Returns: Big shout out to blogger, A Bit of Stephrything, who was kind enough to share her Bingo game boards she made for all those premiere parties happening out there, along with Bingo cards Embellish created for this momentous occasion.  Printing mine as we speak, and I have to say they are pretty fantastic/spot on.

What are you doing for the premiere tonight?  Any great recipes, games, decorations, traditions you have for your watch parties?  I’m always looking for new ideas for Bachelor/ette nights.

Alright, I think we’re all set for tonight.  Anyone have any predictions…who is going to get the first impression rose?  Who is going home on the first night? And my favorite…who is going to make the best awkward, most uncomfortable first impression?  We’ll find out in less than 24 hours! And if you for some terrible reason miss it, I’ll have your recap Tuesday morning.  Happy watching, Bachelor Fans!