Things are heating up. The time when it comes for Bachelor/ettes to decide if they’d like to “forgo their individual rooms and use this key to stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite.” And that means make out sessions, and more

As we will recall Emily did not accept the key when Brad offered it to her on his season, so it’s no surprise that she didn’t let the men stay the night this time around either. That doesn’t mean she didn’t offer the key to them. She just kicked them out before the night’s end. Although, there was one bachelor that she didn’t even offer the key to…you’ll see.

Who Got Kicked Off: We’re gonna miss your beautiful face, Sean.

Destination: Curacau in the Caribbean


Emily took him to a private island and he finally professed his love for her. Sean wrote a letter to Ricki. I’m telling you, Emily inspires novels. What is this the 3rd billion letter she’s received? I lost track. Anyway, Emily invited him to the Fantasy Suite but kicked him out before the night’s end.
What Emily said about him: Sean and I had an immediate connection. It was love at first sight.


Emily took Jef on a sailboat, where they snuggled under the sun. At dinner, Emily told her when she’s thinking of who would be in the kitchen with her during daily life making lunch for Ricki, she pictures Jef by her side. After dinner when Emily offered him the key to the room, Jef iterated all of the reasons why he understood if they couldn’t (their families were watching, Emily’s a mom and wants to set a good example, blah, blah, blah). They took they key, but again Emily kicked him out before the night’s end.
What Emily said about him: I love that he has his own style. We have the same humor. Life with him would be an adventure. I like guys with an edge. Jef walks to the beat of his own drum.


Emily took him swimming with dolphins. What Arie had to say about that, “I know nothing about dolphins. I just know that they’re friendly.” At dinner Emily talked to Arie about his views on being a stepdad and left admiring him more. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now she didn’t offer him the key because she didn’t trust herself.
What Emily said about him: I call him sweet Arie. (Take note: Nickname alert!) There’s such a chemistry between us. It’s hard to even talk we always want to kiss each other.

My Prediction: I’ve liked Arie all along, and even though ABC makes it look like she chooses no one I’m sticking with my guns and saying she chooses Arie. For once, I’m not 100% sure if I’m correct. She really does seem to care for them both deeply. My reasoning:
1. She can’t keep her hands off of him.
2. She’s been harder on him than the rest of the guys.
3. She has a nickname for him. (Refer to “Sweet Arie” above.)
4. Just because.

Bachelor Fans, who do you think??