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That’s right Jemily is no more. And how did the word get out? Jef did the ultimate thing guaranteed to garner a flood of attention and comments: that’s right he changed his Facebook relationship status. Of all things. People Magazine had the official inside scoop on the couples’ break-up, releasing this statement from Emily:

I have nothing but respect and love for Jef and his family, but ultimately we are just at different points in our lives.

What happened? I thought they were destined to be one of the couples that actually made it! They went on a trip to Gana together, they vehemently denied cheating allegations, they took Ricki to school together…Do we ever get a straight answer from the root cause of these break-ups? No, just the song and dance of ‘we’re at different points in our lives,’ ‘we’re just different people.’ Well, Perez Hilton’s not afraid of digging a little deeper. He hints at underlying issues leading up to the break-up attributing trust as a major issue (I suppose sexy texts with another man will do that to a person) and that Emily just didn’t find Jef interesting (supposedly calling him a bore-mon Mormon).

Jef’s statement to People:

Emily and I are great friends and I hope we can continue to be friends forever. Everyone wants a salacious story to break, but the truth is we are just two people who fell in love and tried our hardest to make it work. I will always love her.

The real cause of the break-up: I’m gonna go with the other bloggers on this one and choose to attribute their break-up to Emily’s obsession with cats. Emily tweeted her daughter was going as a cat for Halloween and Jef tweeted shortly thereafter one of those awesome Somecards that read: “Your obsession with cats is out of control and I can’t handle it anymore… So you’re kicking meeeowt?” While Emily is deleting any online remnant of her relationship with Jef, Jef is fully embracing social media during their post break-up news.

Ah well, at least we still have JP and Ashley to root for. ABC officially announced their wedding will be aired in December.

What do you think, Bachelor Fans? Was it the cats?