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Who got kicked off: It was only a matter of time before Kacie B. was sent packing back to the friend zone. (Although, I’m not sure she ever really left.) Close on her heels were Taryn and Kristy.


One-on-one: Lesley M. – Sean took her to Wrigley’s Believe it or Not down in Hollywood.

Fun Fact: Sean’s Dad holds a Guinness world record for shortest amount of time driving through 48 contiguous states. In case you’re curious, that record is 97 hours and 7 minutes.

Because of this, Sean thought it would be fun to try to score a Guinness World Record of his own: longest time for an on-screen kiss. Well played, Sean. The standing record was 3 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but to have your lips touching the entire duration without moving is quite a feat. Oh, and in front of the entire Hollywood Blvd. They were up for the challenge, broke the record and spent the evening eating dinner under the Hollywood sign.

Group date: Sean took 12 women on a group date to play volleyball, and by “play volleyball” I mean hit the ball, drop the ball, start again. I think there may have been one volley the entire game. Riveting. The losing team had to take their bikini-clad bodies home. Among the winning squad, who were rewarded with a cocktail hour, were Desiree and Lindsay who both had some adorable one-on-one time with Sean. One who did not have some adorable one-on-one time was…

Kacie B.: I forgot how much of a crier she was. Lots and lots of tears in the interviews. She finally gave Sean a legitimate reason to send her home. Kacie B. told Sean that there was some tension between Desiree and Amanda and that this was making it “difficult to be herself.” I still have no idea how that works and how that has any effect on her, but OK. C’mon Kacie B., you know better than that. You’ve seen the show; you’ve been on the show! The girls that use their time to whine and crab about the other girls in the house get sent home.

Quote of the night: Sean to Kacie B. – “I want you to act like Kacie not like this crazy person. ” Ouch. Yep, that’s all I have to say. Ouch.

Three-on-one: Yeah, there’s no way this date can qualify as a one-on-one. Poor AshLee F. had to share her time with two other girls. Granted, they weren’t girls from the house, but still. Sean took AshLee to an amusement park and brought along two teenage girls who suffer from mitochondrial disease and are huge Bachelor fans. Sean said charitable work was a big part of his life and wanted to share that with AshLee. That’s great and all, but isn’t the point of a one-on-one to be a one-on-on? Oh, and not only that her date got off to a late start because, surprise surprise, Tierra stole the show and attention of Sean when he came to the house to pick up AshLee.

Tierra: She fell down the steps moments before Sean arrived for his date with AshLee, waited for the paramedics to put a neck brace on her and strap her to a stretcher, then threw a fit and popped back up as though nothing had happened. “Maybe Sean is her magic potion,” said Catherine. Up until this point, I hadn’t been a huge Catherine fan, but she’s winning me over with lines like that.

So of course, Sean rushes to her aid and spends time stroking her ego.

Rose ceremony

What-the-what of the evening: Sean told Kacie B. he had too much respect to put her through a rose ceremony. So instead he waits until he has to hand out the roses and calls her out in front of everyone and sends her away in the limo. Then goes back in to the other girls and airs out all of their dirty laundry. Mmmhmm, way too much respect.

Next week, roller derby. Yep, that’s happening.