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Who got kicked off: Amanda and Leslie were booted off this week.


One-on-one: Selma – All 110lbs of her (as she snuck into the conversation) went on a date with Sean. That not-so-subtle announcement and the epic boob shot, rocketed Selma to the height of Twitter conversations – trending on the Boston Twittosphere.

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Sean took his “pint-sized” (as he referred to Selma) girl on a date in the desert for some rock climbing. At first Selma wasn’t so hot on climbing in the heat, but she managed to book her small frame up to the top of the rock and was rewarded with a dinner in a circle of RV’s. I don’t know about you, but after a hard day’s climb that’s exactly what I’d want. Sean called it roughing it. I call it Selma getting shafted.

On the date, Selma told Sean her Arabic family wasn’t stoked on the idea of her coming on to the show. She kept teasing him, batting her long lashes, and repeating how much she wanted to kiss him, but told him because of her culture she can’t. She’s not supposed to put her dating on display…so she goes on national television to find love. If you’re going to go on the show, go all in. You’ve already stirred the hornet’s nest. Go big or go home.

JP’s response was what I’m sure everyone was thinking.

Credit: JP Twitter

Group date: Oh, Tierra. She has Sean wrapped around her little finger. (Sidenote: all of that appears to come unraveled next week, though, after Tierra makes the dreaded mistake of saying there are plenty of fish in the sea. Have you learned nothing from previous seasons, Tierra? That’s a sure-fire ticket out the door.) Until then though, she was sitting pretty with a rose prior to the rose ceremony after she threatened to leave the show. That’s how it works – Tierra cries, Sean buckles, Tierra gets a rose.

Overall the group date was a disaster. Whoever thought “Roller Derby” and “date” should be in the same sentence, should be fined. None of the girls were coordinated enough for that. Didn’t you learn anything after the volleyball date last week, Sean? If they couldn’t handle a volleyball game, what makes you think they can roller skate, on a slanted rink, while pounding into each other? After Amanda took a spill and bruised her jaw (Ironically, Amanda lied to the girls that she had done roller derby before. Well played, Amanda. Way to throw them off your game.) and Sarah was struggling to keep her balance, Sean called it quits and designated it a free skate. Wise choice.

One-on-one: Leslie got a “Pretty Woman”-style date, where she got fully outfitted with diamonds and a new gown. This date was so awkward. There was no spark there at all, not even a glimmer. Dinner felt like an interview. Wasting no time, Sean sent her home, not even letting her get to enjoy Ben Taylor’s musical talent. One of my favorite parts of the show might be when the luggage guy comes to pick up the suitcases, and not just because producer Robert Mills makes a drinking game out of it.

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Two Amazing Discoveries: Sean Lowe’s Abs and Tierra’s Eyebrows twitter accounts. Two fantastic parody accounts that just seek to poke fun at the pair. Just like the account Ben Flajnik’s Hair that popped up on his season of The Bachelor.

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Predictions: I’m not sure how much longer Daniella is going to last. She seems to be chillin’ on the sidelines, narrating the show (see previous post for example). And we haven’t heard much from Jackie. So I think those two are the low women on the totem pole.

We’ll find out in two whole episodes next week!! That’s right. Monday AND Tuesday The Bachelor is taking over ABC (and my weeknights). Until then, Bachelor Fans.