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Next week is hometown dates already! I can’t believe how fast that came up. The four lucky ladies below will be taking Sean home to meet the ‘rents.

Thank the good Lord above for Sean’s sister (or the producers that flew her in to give Sean some much-needed advice.) His sister warned Sean from the beginning to be wary of the girl that didn’t get along with the other girls (ahem, Tierra). And he finally listened to his family and sent Tierra packing. Although things could have been different had he not walked in on Tierra all waterworks because she had just gotten into a drama-filled argument with AshLee. Doesn’t matter. Tierra is finally out. Sean, I’m proud of you for actually taking your sister’s advice instead of listening to that picker that always gets the men on these seasons in trouble.

Who got kicked off: Lesley was also among the missing. Sean said his relationship with her just wasn’t moving as quickly as his relationships with the other ladies. Bit of a shocker, but I guess it was a little more one-sided than I had originally thought.