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Who got kicked off and who made it to the fantasy dates: Poor Desiree. Good news: she didn’t really have a boyfriend. She hired some actor to get back at Sean for the prank he pulled on her. Bad news: Her brother ruined her chances with Sean. After Desiree’s brother insulted Sean’s character/integrity by calling him a “playboy,” claiming Sean wasn’t interested in Desiree, and then proceeding to badger Sean the rest of the night, I don’t think Sean was ready to marry in to that. I mean who could blame him. Sure, the rest of her family seemed splendid, but who wants to have a brother-in-law you can’t stand? And so the last 3 lucky ladies making it to the Fantasy Suite dates are (drumroll please) Lindsay, AshLee, and Catherine. Who woulda thunk it – the teacher who dressed up in a wedding gown and got sloshed the first night, the professional organizer, and the graphic designer that flew relatively under the radar.

Plus, bonus episode tomorrow night! Sean spills about his hometown dates, infatuation with Tierra, and all that good juicy gossip I can’t get enough of. Until then, Bachelor Fans!

Ok, I’m curious. Who do you think is going to take it all. I can no longer make predictions because loose lips and one too many gossip blogs ruined the surprise for me. Womp womp. I’m telling you, it takes all of the fun out of it, which is why I try to refrain from posting spoilers so as not to be a fun-sucker. So I defer to you, Bachelor Fans.