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And the winner of Sean’s heart is Catherine! Congrats to the happy couple.

First, can we talk about how ironic it was that Lindsay wore a silver dress and Catherine wore a gold one? The symbolism was just too good to be true, a producer’s dream.

Who Sean chose and who got kicked off:


Are they still together? Yes, and happily so. They couldn’t stop crying happy tears watching their proposal. And Catherine was all excited to get married, saying she didn’t see the need to wait. Wonderful. Looks like we’ll have another Bachelor wedding on our hands. ABC must be jumping for joy at the prospect of all those viewers because the happy couple announced plans to air the wedding on ABC.

About that note: What was up with that note they kept showing in the previews? It was in fact from Catherine. But it wasn’t a break-up or cold feet. It was just the opposite. I final note on how much in love she was with Sean. Catherine had left him little notes throughout the season – mostly quirky, nerdy notes. But this time around it was just to let him know how much she loved him. Sean says he still re-reads it. Adorable.

What made his decision? Sean said he realized he didn’t want to say good-bye to Catherine ever. On his last date with Catherine, she went running after him after he left. They shared another hug and kiss. And I guess that’s when he knew.

Best moment of the night: Lindsay took off her heels after Sean told her she wasn’t the one. You go girl. He walked her out in her bare, comfortable feet.

And the next Bachelorette is (drum roll, please)…

Desiree! There were rumors that she was ABC producers’ second choice, overshadowed by Lindsay who’s heart was broken this last episode.

I’ve also learned Chris Harrison’s new favorite phrase is “Fan Favorite.”

In any case, get excited, Bachelor Fans! Because the next season of The Bachelorette is just around the corner in May! Which means 25 hunks!