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Night one is hard. It’s also one of my favorite episodes because we get to watch 25 men try to make a good first impression. How are you going to make yourself standout, but not get sent home? It’s a delicate balance. A great way is to look at your predecessors. This list is just a quick snippet from night one of Des’s season’s successful and unsuccessful bachelor entrances.

Here’s some good tips for you based off of this season’s men. Learn from their mistakes and successes.

  1. Reference something that you know is super important to the Bachelor/ette. This night is about them. Not you. Plus, it lets them know you were paying attention. But don’t do it in a creepy, stalker way.
  2. Don’t do magic.
  3. It’s important so I’m gonna say it again. Don’t do magic.
  4. Don’t talk in hashtags. It’s annoying.
  5. Bring children, grandparents, family, dogs, cats but then send ‘em in the limo on the way back. It’s true children and dogs quickest way to a lady’s heart. Well, I suppose that and abs.
  6. Don’t get super drunk the first night. There’s plenty of wine and alcoholic beverages. Have you seen how much they drink throughout the season? Don’t you worry. They’re not gonna run out.
  7. Don’t invite her to the fantasy suite the first night. And when she says no the first time don’t continue to ask. It’s disrespectful and creepy.
  8. If you’re gonna do something funny, make sure it’s actually funny. Maybe test it out on your friends or random strangers walking down the street ahead of time and get some feedback. If no one laughs or you get slapped, maybe reassess.
  9. If you’re gonna do something outrageous like wear a wedding dress or make a pun, or dress in head-to-toe suit of armor, you gotta commit. Confidence is key. If you’re gonna do it, OWN it. And realize your probability of going home is much higher than those around you.
  10. Be honest. Don’t take it too seriously. If you mess up…y’know like rip her dress trying to dance with her, just laugh it off. It’s only national television. You’ll be fine.