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I realize I kind of fell off the map, but I was hooked on Ready for Love. They cancelled it after three episodes so you know it was good. Come on, please tell me I’m not the only Bachelor fan who was watching.

In any case, here is your first recap of this season’s The Bachelorette!

This season, Chris Harrison loosened the reins on handing out roses for the first night again. Frankly, I like this way a lot better. I mean really. How can you expect someone to remember all sorts of names in one night where alcohol is flowing and cameras are rolling?

Who got kicked off night one:


Best entrance: I’m a sucker for a good pun. Chris the mortgage broker from Seattle. got down on one knee faking proposal, even wiped his sweating brow. “Will you…mind if I tie my shoe.” He then proceeded to tie it, asked for assistance getting up, and subtly said, “Just wanted to get off on the right foot.” Clever.

Worst dressed of the night: Micah and then we have Diogo. Both earn points for cleverness and originality and real commitment toward the cause. However, that suit was an eyesore. Micah put together a mismatched-sewn suit because he knew Des designed her own dress for the first night of The Bachelor on Sean’s season. Diogo wore an entire suit of armor. I’m talking head-to-toe metal, helmet and all. I have to say, watching him try to walk was pretty entertaining.

Best moment of the night: Hands down. Shirtless man’s expression after seeing the man covered in tin. Too covered up for him I suppose. These snapshots don’t do it justice, but go back and watch it (skip to 35:18), it’s hilarious. Plus, the other reaction the man in armor received when he walked into the room of men: “Don’t go near the water. You’re probably not gonna float.” Yeah, probably gonna sink in love too as far as Des is concerned.

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Cute story: Brandon: The painting contractor sat down with Des and told her about how he got on the show. He was supposed to go to his birthday party, but ABC asked to have his interview that same day. He flipped a coin and it said to go to the interview for The Bachelor. He handed Des the coin and told her, “When it comes to hometown dates I want you to give it to my mom.”

Ben and Brody: Last out of the limos was a little boy. No, it was the Baby Bachelor. Followed by the adorable little tyke, was a handsome daddy, Ben. Ben scooped up Brody and told her, “I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bringing someone much more handsome than I am. I want you to know exactly who he is when I talk about Brody because I want you to know exactly who I am.” Love that he brought it up right off the bat. And gosh darn that Brody is a cutie. He gave Des the flower and asked his daddy if he did a good job. Then grandma pops out of the limo to take Brody on home. The heart-melting moment was when Ben’s son, Brody, said, “I wish I could go to the party.”  Excellent way to a girls heart. A toddler AND grandma. Melt away.

The federal lawyer, Michael G. put it perfectly, “…already living in a crazy house: a magician, a shirtless man, and a man in full-on suit of armor.” It’s gonna be a good season.