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Who does Des end up with? Chris! After her heartbreak, Des was able to see who really had her best interests at heart and deeply cared for her. She recognized right off the bat from spending more time with Drew, it just wasn’t there. Then came her date with Chris. Chris, the loveable man that he is, stuck by her side, knowing how heartbroken she was over Brooks. He gave her a journal (another one – what a lucky girl. I hope she has a lot of thoughts to put in this one too), and several times said he was in this 100%. Chris was the only one to make it to meet her family and the only one at the end. He was just to get down on one knee when Des revealed how much she had invested with Brooks and how she wished she could have seen sooner how much Chris truly loved her. It was beautiful. Des wore a dress similar to Ashley Hepbert from the last Bachelorette and stopped Chris from getting on one knee (you know, scaring him to pieces) and then professing her love. After the Final Rose shows them going strong and In Touch Weekly says Des is planning her wedding. I would be so psyched for the happy couple if I weren’t head-over-heels for Chris.

Bachelor-Board_Des_week10Who is the next Bachelor? That latin soccer-playing heart throb that you know and love….Juan Pablo! Ay, ay chico! Mmmm, I cannot wait for January.