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Watch all the things! The Bachelor is back this January with Latin hunk, Juan Pablo. Ay, ay chico. Be still my salsa-dancing heart.  Not only is the season premiere happening, but ABC has a smorgasbord of other episodes they are releasing. So prepare your boyfriends/roommates/significant others for your DVR to be completely overpacked with The Bachelor for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY.

Here is what is happening:

The Premiere

When: MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2014 –  8|7c

Juan Pablo Galavis meets his 25 lucky ladies and the. epicness. begins.

Juan Pablo Galavis

The Pre-premiere Hype:

What is a pre-premiere you ask? Well, it’s a bunch of teasers ABC is releasing prior to the premiere to hype up the next season. They’re calling it Juan-uary, which is so cheesy…and completely amazing. Bring on the puns! And if it means more screen time for Juan Pablo, sure ABC, I’ll bite.

When to tune in: Every freakin’ Sunday of January at 8pm ET/PT

January 5th – (8 – 9 p.m. ET/PT) – The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo. A whole hour of Juan Pablo, just him, what he’s about, y’know probs with his shirt off and taking care of his adorable daughter Camilla (like this one), and talking in his sexy accent and making us swoon.

January 12th – (8 – 9 p.m. ET/PT) – The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes. The Bachelor Bus is back! Carrying stars of seasons past and crashing parties around LA area. Plus, a little preview of Juan Pablo’s first date and what it’s like for the ladies moving into the mansion.

January 19th – (8 – 9 p.m. ET/PT) – The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories. A little look back at all of the successful Bachelor couples like Ashley and JP, Jason and Molly, Trista and Ryan…And Des and Chris (a little premature with that last one? I’m still banking on that one to fail, but prove me wrong, Desris, Chred, Chrisiree? See it just doesn’t work.)

January 26th – Sean and Catherine’s wedding (see below)

The Wedding!

catherine giudici and sean lowe

Credit: OK! Magazine

That’s right Sean and Catherine, last season’s couple, are tying the knot in Bachelor bliss! Who woulda thunk. You would if you follow their Instagram accounts, because 99.9% of the time it’s a (often weird and quirky) pic or video of them together. Exhibit A.

When: SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2014 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) (Which is also my birthday!! Which you probably don’t care about, but omg I’m so excited!) AND it is going to be LIVE. No pre-taping here. Watch them say their vows and make Bachelor nation proud. I’ll post more on their wedding details soon.

Whelp, good thing I have a racing schedule starting in January because my butt is going to be glued to the couch for the foreseeable future. It’s going to be like Christmas all over again. A little overkill, but no complaints here. Give me all the things. Are you going to be watching, Bachelor Fans? Every. Single. Sunday? AND Monday?