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Our basic cable kept cutting in and out this episode, so not an extensive recap this week, but here’s the gist and what you need to know to get by on your Bachelor brackets.

Who got kicked off: Free Spirit out.Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week3

First One-On-One: Cassandra – the ex-NBA dancer and single mom, who, at the last rose ceremony, was doubting being at the mansion and leaving her son at home. Sidenote: I didn’t realize she was only 21, just barely drinking age legal and kind of a youngin’. Cassandra and Juan Pablo went water driving(?). Basically, it’s a boat that looks like a car and has steering capabilities and everything. Then he took her to his house and they cooked together, followed by some salsa dancing.

Theme of the Night: “I really want to make her feel comfortable.” – Juan Pablo. He said this several times throughout the night. And I’ve found “making her feel comfortable” always involves dancing or singing to a Latin beat.

Group Date: They had a group date at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA where the LA Galaxy men’s soccer team plays. The ladies split up into two teams to play a little soccer. Alli was in her element. As for the rest of the ladies…It was a little tough to watch. After the game, Andi the Prosecutor stole a kiss in the kitchen. Nikki stole some great convo (no kiss though) and the rose for the date.

One-On-One: Chelsie – One of the many blondes and teachers received the second one-on-on date card, reading something having to do with trust. Again, to make sure she was feeling comfortable, Juan Pablo pumped up the Latin tunes on the radio on their drive to their date. They went tandem bungee jumping off of a bridge. But first they stood there for an hour while Chelsie toggled back and forth between jumping or chickening out. (Which I can’t completely blame her, because I would have wet my pants if that was the date I had to go on. Jumping to your death? No thank you.) Finally, after Juan Pablo was like we don’t have to do this, she was like, well, now I want to. She conceded, they jumped, the chord held, and they shared an upside-down-Spiderman-esque kiss. Afterwards, they had dinner, talked about their biggest fears, and ended the date with a private concert by Billy Currington.

Pool Party: Instead of a rose ceremony, Juan Pablo opted for a pool party to get to spend more time with the ladies. First, though, he surprised them with a Venezuelan breakfast. A man that likes to cook and dance? Sign me up. I also, greatly enjoy when the bachelors surprise the ladies in the AM before the ladies have had their coffee and had the chance to get all dolled up. I like to see if any of them will snap. Kelly (the girl with the dog) came downstairs, disheveled to let her dog Molly out to use the facilities, and got a little shocked to find Juan Pablo in the kitchen. That started a parade of ladies in their make-up-less ensembles to stumble downstairs to greet Juan Pablo.

At the pool party, Sharleen made out with Juan Pablo kind of in the open, stirring up a little chatter amongst the ladies. Kat also rubbed a few people the wrong way with her game of chicken in the pool and monopolizing Juan Pablo’s time. Clare got a little overwhelmed and let out a few tears. Elise made known her dislike for Chelsie (or not necessarily dislike, but rather her concern that Chelsie was too much of a child and not ready to be a mom to Juan Pablo’s daughter.) Also, this is the most I’ve seen Elise talk, and she surprisingly got a rose again tonight – the sleeper (see the poll on this page for reference)?

Next Sunday is the LIVE wedding of Sean and Catherine!!! January 26th, 8 PM – 10 PM EST. I’ll follow up with a post on all you need to know before the special date.