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The group headed to Vietnam this week and 3 ladies were sent home, leaving just 8 left and lots and lots of make-out sessions.

Who got kicked off: The one’s with red X’s were booted off last night. Kelly the dog lover, Danielle the silent contestant, and Alli (still not sure who that girl was) were sent home.


One-on-one: Renee 

She’s adorable. Juan Pablo drove her around Vietnam on a pedicab. They went shopping and bought souvenirs for their respective children. They got a little dress for his daughter Camilla and a little hat for her son Ben.

Problem city: Juan Pablo said that he thinks Renee and him are a lot alike. We’ll see if the old saying opposites attract rings true. He gave her the rose but no kiss, citing the fact they both had kids as an excuse.

Group Date or really Clare’s one-on-one with a posse of pissed off girls: Lots of Twitter hate on Clare. She paired up with Juan Pablo when the group went canoeing. Then was stolen away for a make-out session in the pool, and given the rose.

So let me get this straight. You won’t kiss Renee because she has a son, but you’ll make out with Clare hard core on a group date (because she’s seeexxxy)? And then maybe go over here and make out with the opera singer…and maybe the attorney too..yeah yeah. Hmmm. I’m not following your rules, Juan Pabs.

Quote of the night: Sharleen

“I want to know that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears.” This is a weird analogy. I see where you’re going with that, and immagonna let you finish, but…

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice how in all the interviews the ladies have that love struck, starry gaze in their eyes? Cool it, ladies. There are still 8 of you.

One-on-One: Nikki

This poor girl. She keeps getting on dates she is not fond of. Apparently dancing and rappelling down caves aren’t her thing.

Juan Pablo: “I took the lead so if something happened I would be able to grab her.” As Juan Pablo is rappelling down, he’s below Nikki and reaches up and taps her butt. “I’m here.” Then partway down the cave wall he kisses her.

After dinner Juan Pablo says, “I’m liking how she thinks. I’m liking her heart.” Her heart? Is that it?

Rose Ceremony: At the rose ceremony, Juan Pabs FINALLY breaks his rule and cutely asks Renee about how her son would feel if he kissed her. Juan Pablo asks, “He wouldn’t be pissed at me?” When she says “no” and then proceeds to explain, he cuts her off by going in for the kiss. Then he has some sort of epiphany, and was like that was the right time to kiss Renee. What was I doing, letting Clare get me up at 4 A.M. to go swimming in the ocean?

So Juan Pablo has a sit-down with Clare about how his daughter is going to see all of this and he needs to be fair. Clare cries. They rejoin with the other ladies and it is awkward city. Clare cites allergies to explain away the waterworks and about a bajillion eyes roll.

Next week, Sharlene is questioning whether she should stay or go, and Clare revisits the sit-down she had with Juan-y Pabs. Should make for a dramatic Monday! Cannot wait!