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Credit: Sean Lowe's Instagram

Credit: Sean’s Instagram

It was elegant and gorgeous, and when the rose petals spouted from miniature cannons behind the couple as they made their way down the aisle as man and wife, yes I got a little teary. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we. Grown Sexy. WTF is grown sexy? Good thing they have the captions to clarify, because I thought it was GROAN sexy, which could have been way more uncomfortable slash amazing. I mean what am I supposed to think when they’re describing it while overlaying it with footage of the couple lingerie shopping. Maybe clarify with grown UP sexy? Maybe don’t call it grown/groan/moan. We get it you haven’t had sex in a year. Don’t need to emphasize it.

Grown Sexy, for those not in the know, is a grown up wedding with hints of sex – or just Catherine’s way of describing what she imagines her wedding to be like. (Good gawd please do not become a thing. Internet, please do not let Grown Sexy become a thing. I beg of you.)

Catherine has a lot of interesting ways of describing things. I’ve always said her and Sean were a quirky bunch.

Exhibit A: Taking boudoir pics for Sean: “I’m like a butterfly I just want to open up for him.”

Exhibit B: Wedding vows: “I’m like a bug looking for a light. You were like a light to my bug. I had to find you.” …and something about “love sprinkles.”

Exhibit C: Sit down with Chris Harrison: “I call myself his barnacle because I’m always attached to him.”

So she likes her insects and sea-faring animals.

In all seriousness, the wedding was sweet and adorable and you could see the love that they clearly had/have for each other (as further evidenced by these almost identical Instagram pics from each of their accounts). See booming rose petals. Awesome.

Credit: Catherine's Instagram

Credit: Catherine’s Instagram

Credit: Sean Lowe's Instagram

Credit Sean Lowe’s Instagram

The wedding was filmed live, so leading up to the vows, ABC had a dual screen, showing wedding guests arriving and Catherine getting ready in a small screen to the right, while they showed all of the wedding preparations and Sean and Catherine’s love story. That’s where we met the wedding planner and learned of Catherine’s Grown Sexy plans for her wedding. Sorry Grown Sexy AND whimsical. Because those go hand-in-hand. Duh. (Although, I will concede that the wedding ceremony decor was completely gorgeous.)

Aside from Grown Sexy, another WTF moment brought to you by the “Honeymoon Suite Cam.” Yes, that’s right, ABC set up a camera of the honeymoon suite for the couple, showing the staff prepping the room with fresh sheets and chocolate, and just no. Nope, that’s not OK. Nobody needs to see that. Also, how do Sean and Catherine know that ABC took those cameras out of the room after it was all prepped and ready to go? I would not trust them.

Bonus uncomfortable footage: Sean lingerie shopping. The sales associate made him touch the lingerie to see how he liked it. His face turned scarlet. I also don’t need to know what Catherine is going to be wearing (or not wearing…ba du bum!) on her honeymoon night.

There was a huge emphasis (as expected) on the fact that Catherine and Sean are waiting until marriage. So Sean goes loungerie shopping, Catherine takes boudoir pics, and they set up a honeymoon suite cam…naturally.

12 bridesmaides. 9 groomsmen. 2CHELLOS (a hot band) played the music as the wedding party walked down the aisle. Sean’s father married them, and they each wrote their own vows. (For more wedding details, Everything You Need to Know About the Bachelor Wedding. I think the title pretty much says it all.)

Heart-Melting Moment: Aside from Sean tearing up as she walked down the aisle, I had an aw moment when Catherine was reading her vows and told Sean, “People tell me how much light there is inside of me because of you. You bring that out in me.” Cue audible aw.

Extra Fun: If you do watch this episode, every time they say “sexy” or mention sex, take a shot. Except maybe don’t do that, because that could end poorly.

wedding cake

Credit: E-Online

The cakes! Wedding cake was designed by Duff Goldman.

And the groom’s cake was of Sean’s two other lady loves: His Boxer Lola and Chocolate Lab Ellie. It was designed by Charm City Cakes in LA.

grooms cake

Credit: E-Online

I hope this Bachelor couple lasts and makes it into Bachelor history, because they are a cute duo and seem so happy in love.

Cheers to the happy pair and another Bachelor wedding in the books. (Don’t remember who else was married? I got you covered.)