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The group traveled to New Zealand this week! This is going to be a super quick post, because there wasn’t a whole lotta talking this episode. I swear half of the show was taken up by Juan Pabs’ make-out sessions with each of the girls.

Who Got Kicked Off: The ones with red X’s were given a one-way ticket home. Cassandra, one of the single mommies, was sent home early on the group date (sad sidenote: It was also her 22nd birthday that night. Happy birthday?), and Kat, our star dancer and brief KPOP celeb, was sent a’packin’, oddly enough leaving Sharleen in tears.

Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week6Sharleen got the rose on the group date. She also way geeked out that they were having drinks at Hobbington (the set of Lord of the Rings, for all you non-geeksters). When in New Zealand.

The group date consisted of coordinated outfits (I swear the girls planned it because they were all wearing colored leather jackets – throwback to the boys of Des’ season. A house that lives together, styles together. See if you can spot a familiar face.), sheep, and OGO balls, which if you don’t know what those are and didn’t watch last night, I’m including a link so you can take in the full glory of them. They are giant balls (Yes, Twitter had a field day with that last night.) that are filled with water and are pushed down a ski slope. Oh, and you sit in them.

List of things Juan Pablo enjoys:

Dates in bathing suits. Dancing. Making out. Caves.

One-On-One: Andi The Attorney got the first one-on-one in New Zealand. They went on a boat and wiggled their way through tiny crevices in, of course, a cave. After winding their way in cold water, they stumbled upon a waterfall and had a make out session.

One-On-One: The other one-on-one belonged to Clare. As you’ll remember Clare had the first one-on-one of the whole show, so this would be her second. Apparently, they needed to talk some stuff out about their 4 A.M. swim soirée. Turns out everything is all hunky-dory.

Quote of the Night: Juany-Pabs to Clare – “I’m still figuring out my boundaries.” Oh really? How’s that working out for you? Dude. You’re on The Bachelor. Of course you’re going to make out with a ton of women. That’s cool. You do you. But don’t say you have all these boundaries when you don’t. That’s sweet that you wanna be cognizant of your daughter. Just don’t let her watch the show ’til she’s ready and you’re ready. Or never.

Next Week: The final 6 head to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami, next week. Finally, some tensions run high as the blondes, Nikki and Clare, get a little heated with each other. And Sharleen questions if she should be there. It looks like she might be out the door.

How are those Bachelor brackets coming along, Bachelor Fans? I know people have office pools going on.