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Part one of this week’s two-day Bachelor event is complete. This week was hometowns! And bonus, tomorrow is a two-hour special (8|7 c) of what is about to go wrong with the fantasy suite dates.

Who got kicked off: Single mom Renee was sent home this week after hometown dates.


Obviously, Juan Pablo picked these four ladies for the alliteration value alone that they provide. This is just all too convenient.

Negative Nurse Nikki

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

The pair went on a cowboy-esque date, meaning they ate BBQ and rode a mechanical bull. Then Juan Pabs got to meet the fam. Nikki’s family was super friendly and open, and Nikki told her fam she was falling in love with him.

Andi the Attorney from Atlanta

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Andi took him to an indoor gun range. Turns out Andi’s a pretty good shot. Juan Pabs not so much. Although, he does have Andi beat in the dancing department. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but dancing requires movement. Andi is not good at dancing, like legitimately not great, as evidenced by the dancing they tried to show Andi’s parents after dinner.

Fun Fact: Andi’s parents met and 6 months later got engaged, then 6 months after that were married. They’ve been married for 30 years.

Andi’s dad to Juan Pablo after Juan Pabs asked for his blessing “if” he chose Andi: “The person who is going to marry my daughter is going to come to me and say there is no other person in the world for me.” Go dad! Juan Pablo didn’t seem too affected by it.

Renee the Real Estate Agent

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Juan Pablo met her son Ben and watched him play his little league baseball game. Renee told her family that she was in love with him, but didn’t have a chance to tell that to Juan Pablo. Probably for the best.

Clare from Cali

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Clare has a big family of ladies. She is the youngest of 6 sisters, and as you’ll remember her dad passed away, because that’s all she talks about. Dinner went  well, in that Juan Pablo handled himself among all of the ladies. Granted, these past few weeks have probably helped prepare him.

Fantasy Suite dates are next!! And we don’t have to wait a whole week. They’re traveling to St. Lucia and sh*ts about to go down. An article in US Weekly wouldn’t reveal which lady, but reported one of the final three ladies slept with Juan Pablo, and all he could talk about was the other ladies’ dates and himself. The preview of the episode shows everyone in tears. And Chris Harrison reported on PEOPLE Magazine there were some “ugly cries” and a “rockier road to the final episode” than in seasons past. Chris Harrison also hinted that at this point it’s usually the bachelor trying to figure out who best fits in their lifestyle, which implies this ending might not be how Juan Pabs pictured it.

Chris Harrison: “I think he has a tough time letting go, really opening up and giving himself to this process. Yes, it is a television show, and we are creating something entertaining, but it works. You have to believe. Juan Pablo has had a really tough time with that and the women have felt that.”