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I like you a lot. Good enough for me. Let’s make out. And so ends Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Who got kicked off: And who Juan Pablo kinda-sorta-maybe-by-accident-non-noncommittally chose.

Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_finaleThe Non-Proposal:

Juan Pabs: Nikki will you accept my final rose? I’m not 100% sure I want to propose to you. I have the ring – this huge giant rock – in my pocket, but psyche! I’m not gonna give it to you. But I like you a lot (not love). I like you a lot.

Nikki: Yup, good enough for me.

I paraphrase, but that’s pretty much the highlights. Juan Pablo told Nikki he had the ring, but wasn’t ready to propose to her. He told her he liked her a lot. And that’s about it. Then he asked if she would accept the last rose. She said yes.

The proposal speech 

I love your honesty, because you’re like me.

I can see you as a good stepmom with Camilla.

It’s been a perfect time every time I’m with you.

Clare’s Rejection:

Clare: “What you just made me go through I would never want my children having a father like you.” That’s a bit of a low blow there, Clare, don’t you think?

After Clare stormed out, Juan Pabs’ reaction was, “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.” Juan Pabs, those are thoughts we keep to ourselves. America is not gonna be super happy to hear that.

Tweets from the night: Super shoutout to @the_hunt_club and @ChrisMFHarrison for their colorful and amusing Twitter commentary last night.
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After the Final Rose
Man, the studio audience was ready to slay Juan Pablo. Daggers and death rays beamed from their eyes. Clare chose not to confront Juan Pablo and had a solo interview with Chris Harrison, saying she said everything she needed to say after Juan Pabs let her go.
Are Nikki and Juan Pablo still together?
Apparently, they’re going strong. Nikki’s told him she loves him and Juan Pablo would not put it in those terms, despite Chris Harrison’s continuous prodding.
Sean from last season of The Bachelor was not all too pleased with Juan Pablo. And he let it be known. The show had previous Bachelor contestants sit in the studio audience for the finale, and provide their commentary throughout the show.
Who is the next bachelorette?
Andi the Attorney is returning to the bachelor for round 2! After leaving the show following the fantasy suite dates, Andi is stepping back into the ring to find true love. I think this is going to be a good one, because she is articulate, strong-headed, and all gung-ho to get started.