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We’re down to four men and you know what that means! Hometowns are around the corner. The crew traveled to Brussels, Belgium this episode.

Who got kicked off: The ones in red X’s were sent home. Coach Brian and Dylan-the-non-hand-washer were sent home.

Bachelorette-Board_Andi_week7One-on-One: Marcus went on the first one-on-one date. It was pretty unmemorable. We heard him speak the most he has all season. They wandered around, exploring and eating mussels in Brussels. Marcus has been journaling. He dropped the L-bomb again. At dinner he told her his story of his dad leaving his family and who she would meet on the hometowns.

The Twist! After Marcus got back from his date, Nick snuck out of the hotel room to see if he couldn’t find Andi’s room. At the hotel lobby he told the attendant he was staying with his wife Andi Dorfman and he misplaced his room key. They gave him a room number and a new key no questions asked. Good to know it’s that easy to access someone else’s room. Thankfully, he had the common sense to knock on her door instead of using his newly acquired key. Andi’s reaction was one of shock, and then of worry.

“It was a comforting feeling that her first reaction was fear.” – Nick

Sure. That’s how I would feel too, Nick. Nick reassured her he only wanted to come see what she was up to after her date, and that he wasn’t there to tell her he was going home. She changed into more comfortable attire and they went to a restaurant where they sat and talked and made out.

Awkward Quote of the Night:

“I can feel what he is thinking when we kiss.” – Andi. Can you, Andi?

One-on-One: Josh and Andi explored Ghent, Belgium. They ran into a parade of geese, probably the most entertaining part of the date. Andi spent the majority of the day baiting him and asking leading questions to see how Josh felt about her. At dinner, he finally told her he’s falling in love with her. Not sure if the producers tipped him off, but she kept saying she wanted to know what he was feeling about her. All the other dudes are telling her they’re falling in love with her. What about Josh? At dinner he finally let her know that he was falling in love with her. Her eyes lit up and a smile spread across her face. If that didn’t give away how much in love she was with him, I don’t know what will. Music played in the background (another live concert). On their way outside, Josh pulled her into a nook, slightly out of camera view and planted one on her.

Group Date: Andi took the group to explore castle ruins (Les ruines de Montaigle) on a gorgeous hilltop in Belgium. From there they took a four-person bike set on railroad tracks to the next part of their date. Nick suggested a rhyming game to pass the time and take their minds off of their burning thighs.

Nick: Look at the trees.

Coach Brian: I think I have fleas.

Andi: I wish you would hurry up please.

Dylan: I wish I had some car keys.

Chris? Nothing to contribute?

The railroad bike contraption took them to Orval Abbey, a monastery. The catch was that because it was hallowed ground, there was no kissing within the walls. So that was fun. Then Farmer Chris somehow sidestepped this little rule, by going off of the grounds with her to some nondescript pottery room. What I want to know is what the other guys were thinking while she’s gone for ages.

Back at the pottery barn, Andi and Farmer Chris basically recreated the pottery wheel scene from Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. While it was not as steamy and the soft, crooning sounds of The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody didn’t play in the background, it was apparent there was chemistry between the two.

Group Date Rose: Surprise, surprise, the group date rose went to Nick. The rest of the boys went back to the hotel, while Nick got a little extra one-on-one time with Andi.

Everyone vs Nick Again: And by everyone I mean the guys on the show as well as ALL OF America. So much Twitter hate for Nick. His cockiness is really getting the best of everyone. All we keep seeing on screen is his confidence in ending up with Andi, and it’s starting to wear on everyone’s patience. In an interview with the producers, Nick said, “I’m going to end up with Andi.” Creepy stare. Please don’t do that Nick. It doesn’t make us like you more.

Cocktail Party: Farmer Chris pulled out all the stops this episode. It makes me wonder if the producers had a hand in putting some of these ideas together/in his head. As you’ll remember, he was the secret admirer, writing Andi love notes. Chris the Farmer made one last ditch effort to win Andi’s heart. As she was getting ready to announce the end of the cocktail party and the beginning of the rose ceremony, Chris asked if he could steal her away for a quick second. As he led her outside, Andi became worried he was going to tell her he had to leave the show. Turns out he just wanted to lay a kiss on her. Looks like it worked because Farmer Chris is headed for hometowns.

Alert: Brian is afraid of pickles. And it is hilarious. The bloopers may have been again the best part of the episode. We finally were able to see more of Dylan’s personality aside from the debbie downer vibe they’ve been giving him. Dylan chased Brian around the hotel room with a pickle. Brian has a weird phobia of them. After Brian shut himself in one of the bedrooms, Dylan nonchalantly turned around and ate it saying, “It’s just a pickle.”

Last Note: This is just speculation, but it could have been Dylan’s sumo hair that got him the ax this episode. In any case, hometowns are next!

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