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 Jimmy Kimmel made a guest appearance this week, waking Chris in his underwear and smartly planting a $1 “Amazing” jar in the girls’ mansion. We’re gonna be rich! Why Jimmy Kimmel you ask? Jimmy Kimmel has been incorporating Bachelor jokes into his comedy bits for a long time, but the best might have been a spoof he did with his nephew as Baby Bachelor. If you haven’t seen the video series, I’ll leave the first for you here.

Who got kicked off: The one with red X’s were sent home this week. AmberTracy, and Trina. Exactly. No one even remembers which ones those were.


15 ladies left! And Ashley S. makes it another round! Likely because she didn’t get much airtime trying to compete with Jillian’s booty –really keeping those censorship workers in business. Full recap to follow! Until then enjoy this pictures of Jimmy and Chris Harrison bonding with the ladies in the mansion.