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Congrats to Chris and Whitney. May you make lots of babies.chrisandwhitneykiss

Who got Kicked Off: In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Becca was sent home. Bachelor-Board_Chrisfinale


Chris had his final dates with Becca and Whitney and the family got to meet both of the ladies. Momma Soules was all ready to welcome in another daughter.

Whitney went first. She came in with hugs and enthusiasm a plenty. She made a toast at dinner and cried and talked a lot and cried some more. She told Momma Soules she was ready to call someone mom and dad again. Whitney lost both of her parents.

Becca cracked some jokes and couldn’t express how she was feeling to Momma Soules. She also couldn’t express how she was feeling to Chris. Chris kept asking her if what she was feeling was love. And she kept saying, “I don’t know,” because she had never been there before and had nothing to compare it to. Basically, it came down to that she thought she was falling in love with him but was unsure if she was ready for a proposal and committing to Iowa. Chris is 33 and ready to lock it down.

The Proposal

Chris proposed in his barn that he’s had forever. It actually looked very romantic decked out in candles and lanterns. Becca came first in a red velvet dress. Chris let her down and I don’t think she cried once in the limo on the way home. Whitney came next in a long blue, banging dress. She started talking a lot. Then Chris finally got to get in a few words and propose.

Cute Moment

Whitney is all ready for the baby wagon. After Chris proposed she told the camera. “We’re gonna make some babies. They better be freakin’ cute.”

Chris’ response: “F*#k yeah.” Cue dolphin laugh.

After The Final Rose

Jimmy Kimmel made another guest appearance and gifted the happy couple a cow named Juan Pablo. Becca showed no emotion when seeing Chris since the breakup. Whitney revealed she hasn’t watched a single episode of the season aside from a couple of their dates. Ashley S. is still playing coy about coming on The Bachelor in Paradise. I think she’ll be there. Will you watch?

And they announced the next bachelorette(s).

The Bachelorette Announcement

Because ABC couldn’t make a decision, they’re having two bachelorettes. Kaitlyn and Britt will duke it out as the next Bachelorette(s). I don’t think ABC has even figured out the details. From my understanding they are going to have 25 guys meet both ladies night one and then the guys will all vote on who they want to stay as The Bachelorette. But who knows, because maybe ABC will keep both. Because this season there have been no rules and apparently ABC is going to keep rolling with that.

I’m pissed. #TeamKatilyn. I think Britt is an attention hog. At least Kaitlyn was honest with her answer when Jimmy asked her how she felt about it. She said, “Well, it’s not ideal.” Britt has just smiled and perfected the hair flip. What are your thoughts, Bachelor Fans?

Tweets of the Night: I was excited to see parody accounts @BenFlajniksHair and @ScarfofJosh back on the Twittosphere live tweeting #TheBachelorFinale.

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