Don’t update those Bachelor Boards just yet, Bachelor Fans! Another cliff hanger. Another night without a rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: The ones in black X’s were sent home last week Tuesday. The one with a red X was sent home tonight before the rose ceremony. Boston native Kupah was sent home during the cocktail party after he got in a heated debate with Kaitlyn about if there were feelings there or not. Then Kupah got in a passionate argument with producers on his exit interviews, causing Kaitlyn to overhear and get all fired up. The scene ended with her headed outside to ameliorate the situation. I know of Kupah from a friend and they say he’s a great guy, which I’m inclined to believe – volunteers with kids, DJs. We’ll see next week how it all plays out and who is eliminated during the rose ceremony.Bachelor-Board_Kaitlynweek2

Actually that’s a lie. The show ended with Brit and Brady. Brady asked her to be his “girl,” after dating for a week. Brit said they spent every day that week together. Is it because you’re both trapped in the same city with nowhere to go because you had anticipated filming for another 5 weeks? No, no definitely love. Or that Brady was the only one that came after her. Eh, either way congrats to the happy couple. May you ride out this rebound as long as you both can muster. It reminds me of the Elise and Chris Bukowski situation from The Bachelor in Paradise, a life of convenience. To love!

Group Date: Boxing with Laila Ali

Ben Z. received the rose.

One-on-One: Underwater Photography

Clint received a rose.

Group Date: Stand-Up Comedy with Amy Schumer

Divorced Dad with a 3-year-old JJ received the rose.