I don’t know about you, but I am getting antsy waiting for the premiere of Ben H.’s season of The Bachelor. I am ready for my Monday nights to be taken up with tears, inappropriate jacuzzi escapades, helicopter rides, and the very attractive presence of software salesman Ben. H.

In case you need a little familiarizing with this Colorado-based beaut, I’ve compiled a list of fun things for you, including his height and again this gorgeous picture of him in plaid…and taking a selfie…and with a baby…and saving children in third world countries. Ok, if you insist, an entire montage!

If you want more on his bio and interests, you can read about that on the announcement of the new Bachelor: The Next Bachelor: Get to Know Ben. H. The season premiere of The Bachelor Season 20 airs Jan 4, 2016.

Ben’s 25 Ladies: As for his 25 ladies, it appears we will have to wait a little before the start of the season to find out who these lucky ladies are. Ah, but wait. Thanks to Reality Steve and The Inquisitr we have the inside scoop on a few of the prospective ladies, including twins. (Oy, we really have fallen down the reality television rabbit hole. No reality show is complete without the token twins.) Don’t you fret, once those names and bios are released I’ll have the need-to-know’s (read: the ones that are the most fun to read) up on the blog. Until then, if you need your fix, Reality Steve will be releasing 15 of the names on this list leading up to the reveal, not to be confused with Ben the wine guy’s 25 ladies. Reality Steve leaves no social media profile unturned, even including a resume of one of the contestants.

Names you will recognize on the list include Becca Tilley, the San Diego chiropractic, 26-year-old virgin from Chris Soules’ season and Amber James, another Chris Soules’ contestant.

Bachelor Mansion: The Bachelor mansion, where the ladies will be staying is said to have once been listed at $6.7 million. Also, if you want to pull a Bukowski and find your way to this humble abode to find your destined lover Ben, it’s located in the Santa Monica mountains near Malibu. It’s called Villa De La Vina. This little fun fact brought to you by a post on Wayfair.com who posted about All You Ever Wanted to Know About TV Homes, highlighting every great TV show there is.

Calling all submissions! I want to know what you’re doing for Bachelor viewing parties for the premiere. I’m going to pick two or three or many to highlight on the blog. Do you make rose-covered cupcakes? Bachelor Boards? Champagne? Or if you just sit around with a glass, a bottle, a carafe…each…no judgment…of wine and listen to Chris Harrison announce “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor” great. I want to hear about those too. I’m genuinely curious what people do to get ready. So submit away!

How to submit:

  1. Go to ‘Contact Me’ tab.

2. Fill out the form. Tell me all about that one time you made cookies in the exact likeness of Sean Lowe, filled out your own version of Bachelor brackets and took bets (or drinks) on how many times Chris Harrison gave a dramatic recap.

3. Submit

Deadline: December 1, 2015

The prize? Internet infamy on this page. Simple. Do it over a glass of Pinot. Get those creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to hear from you!!