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Attention Bachelor Fans, mark your calendars for March 19th, 2016. Bachelor Men Are Coming to Boston for a Meet and Greet.

I’m not messing with you. This is a real thing. This is weird, right? Kind of amazing, but super weird. Five previous bachelor rejects are coming to Boston for a “meet the bachelors” affair. Not a lot of detail was given on the site. Like do people go? Do they listen to them talk about themselves? Why is it called Fantasy Weekend? Why is it upwards of $67? Do we get to keep them? I have a lot of important, pertinent questions. (And obviously I’m going.)

Event Information:
Date: March 19th, 2016 at 11am EST
Location: The Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont St., Boston, MA
Tickets: Online

The Bachelor Fantasy Weekend Boston

All of the single men.

I would provide you more information, but very limited details have been published around this, so I shall just provide you with my completely unfactual suppositions behind it. I just can’t quite understand why this is a thing nor the reasoning behind this panel of men. Are these the only ones that would agree to it? Dylan lives in Boston so that’s likely the reason behind his addition to the playbill. Chris Soules most definitely broke up with Whitney very shortly after his Dancing with the Stars stint. Benzi is most likely there to promote his personal training and the fitness company he works for in San Jose. (Sidenote: Please check out these fitness competition photos compiled by US Magazine from Benzi’s Instagram account.) Come to think of it, that could also apply to personal trainer Cody, ready to promote his personal brand. I’m stumped as to why Jared is coming along for the ride. The producers must have convinced him, as some behind-the-scenes footage from Bachelor in Paradise indicated the production crew team seemed to really enjoy Jared’s company. Did he dump Ashley I…again? I don’t know why they’re calling it “Bachelor Fantasy Weekend” when none of these leading men would be my ultimate fantasy bachelor panel. Ben might be the only one that would make it to my laminated list of five men card. Maybe Cody. #ThatSmileTho

Is anyone going to this?? I need to know. Is this a thing? What are they going to do there? But really, do we get to keep them? Book those plane tickets now. Work on your marriage proposals. I’m sure this one will sell out. Not likely.

Bachelor Fans, we are T-minus 16 days until The Bachelor! Season 20 with Ben Higgins premieres January 4, 2016 at 8|7c!