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Cheers to the New Year! And the premiere of The Bachelor Season 20 with Ben Higgins!

If you’re like me, you’ve been prepping and waiting and overly joyed for another season of The Bachelor to come into your life and sweep away your Monday (and sometimes Tuesday) nights. Not awhile back I asked for your Bachelor viewing party traditions. There were countless submissions. Not really, I just forgot to post a reminder and promote it across the interwebs. SOOO I rallied a bunch of my friends’ traditions and scoured the interwebs and compiled a few party tricks here for you to incorporate into your own parties. If you have other traditions let me know in the comments.


    Gather the gals together for the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. Invest in some Bachelor-inspired party favors, my favorite of which are rose-decorated cupcakes. Bonus points for all of the puns you can fit into your decorations, such as these Stud Muffins from The Dating Divas and/or a life-sized cutout of Ben H. Then mail that to me. Use a Pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing. Then watch the magic happen.


    GIANT SHOUTOUT to Bachelor Fan Julie, who submitted the most heart-melting Bachelor viewing tradition. Staying connected with her two daughters across thousands of miles through texts each episode makes the family not seem so far away. Bringing people together. I have to say I have several text chains going back and forth for the nights I’m away from the family and gal pals, and that commentary is priceless. Keep it up, Julie!


    Brackets, drinking games, and Bingo, oh my. Brackets are the most common way I’ve found my friends to play. They put together a sheet, much like this one, and fill it out prior to the show, deducing which of the 25 ladies will make it to each rose ceremony. You are then awarded points based off of who you correctly guessed sticks around. Bonus points and mad bragging rights if you pick the winner! *Keep in mind this bracket was for Chris Soules’ season, which had three extra girls night one. Another clever way to play that my friend Taryn pointed out is that each person guesses the season’s winner by the end of night one. That is the person’s girl for the entire season, so whoever’s girl makes it the furthest during the show wins. Loser buys dinner. If your girl gets knocked out, you have the chance to pick a new girl, but if she wins you just get to pick the dinner spot. You still have to pay.


    This might be the greatest thing I’ve discovered! I have known about The Bachelor drinking game phenom for years, but I had no idea The Bachelor could cover the other end of the spectrum and extend into workouts. Build your own Bachelor Workout with these predesigned boards. This is fantastic! I’m going to trick all of my bachelor viewing party attendees into doing this. Kudos to Life Design Craft blog for these party ideas.

And finally don’t take any pointers from Desiree’s blog. Really deep stuff there. You can do better.

If you’re not as crafty as this, then might I suggest just one big box o’ wine. Or fun fact, wine now comes in cans for those classy bachelor viewing parties. Cheers to 2016, Bachelor Fans!! I’ll catch you Monday night at 8|7c for the premiere of Ben H.’s season!!!