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Ben’s 25 ladies arrive tomorrow! Welcome to the part where we get to make all of our snap judgments prior to the start of this epic season. Reality Steve has had a running list long before, and we’ve already speculated about a few contestants in a previous post. But now we have the whole list AND their interviews. That’s where the real fun begins.


Ones we already knew about: Becca and Amber from Chris Soules’ Season.

There are 4 Laurens. FOUR. Two of which are teachers. How’s that for your Bachelor boards? Keeping you on your toes.

Most contestants are 24-25 years old. Breanne is a 30-year-old nutritional therapist from Seattle and one of the oldest contestants along with Maegan. Cowgirl Maegan from Texas sounds fun. Tiara is a chicken enthusiast. Single mom Amanda has two kids and admits to using botox as her anti-aging secret. Apparently Leah doesn’t meet any guys and has many regrets, two of which are dove tattoos on the back of her calves she is having laser removal on. She should hook up with Kaitlyn and become fast friends.

Also, Remember the Titans is making a comeback because practically every contestant put that on their bio as one of their favorite movies. I mean I love Remember the Titans as much as anyone, but I know nothing about movies.

Another running theme is that most of them prefer hot weather to cold weather. They do know they’re headed to Colorado if this all works out, right? Lots of Floridians.

I’m kind of a fan of Jessica’s answers. She seems down to earth and a potential front-runner if she can hold it together night one.

Two ladies aren’t big fans of reading. “I more read articles.” Yep, grammar real good. Way to go, Joelle “JoJo.” Rocking life.Screenshot 2015-12-26 01.48.14

Screenshot 2015-12-26 01.48.20Two people also picked the dolphin as their animal of choice. One for a very different reason than the other…Lauren “LB” vs Jennifer. Or maybe they both kind of line up.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.08.43 Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.08.49Screenshot 2015-12-26 03.10.55 Screenshot 2015-12-26 03.11.03

I’m looking forward to seeing what these ladies pull out for their introductions to Ben H. and how long he keeps around the twins. For the full cast, visit ABC. To brush up on your Ben H. trivia, visit this post.