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There’s more Bachelor Baby news on the horizon. Just 28 days ago we learned of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s new bun in the oven via the Insta. Coming up close behind is Ali Fedotowsky. (I’m secretly hoping one of these little kiddos will go Suri on all of their mini star counterparts and start The Baby Bachelor Burn Book. I would read that.) Ali very recently became engaged to Kevin Manno in September. Kevin Manno is a TV and radio host whom she met through a producer of one of her new shows 1st Look. After the engagement, Ali and Kevin were talking about a shotgun, nope nopers, a destination wedding. That’s what these kids are calling it these days. But now that they’ve spilled the baby beans, Ali’s slowing it down a bit and thinking about having a bigger wedding.

PEOPLE.com had an exclusive interview with the happy couple, where mostly Ali just gushed about babies and the miracle of life. I can’t wait to see what she has to say after she pushes a cantaloupe…

Ali announced her pregnancy on her blog www.AliLuvs.com with a harken back to the mom jeans SNL skit and picture of her in mom jeans. The caption below it read: “Mom Jeans: She’s not a woman anymore. She’s a mom.” Hilarious. Newsflash, Ali can even make mom jeans look appealing.

photo credit: Instagram @alifedotowsky

Since their engagement, they’ve been painting their new apartment and I guess making babies! How’s that for the Bachelor franchise success rate? I suppose she doesn’t quite count, because she’s no longer with hunky Roberto, but eh count it! Ok! I think this means we can add them to the which baby is destined to be the cutest poll from Bachelor Babies past.
and hope for the actual fruition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Bachelor. Until next time, Bachelor Fans!