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Vegas! Home of The Twins and where Ben so Kindly dropped them off

This week was a confusing set of challenges for viewers. There were people jumping out of cakes dancing awkwardly. We still aren’t certain as to which Twin is on camera at which time and no one can figure out who Rachel was. But that’s why I’m here for you. Rachel was unemployed. Hayley was not Emily and Olivia is still here. You’re welcome.

Who got kicked off: It is with great sadness we said good-bye to one of the twins this episode. Does that mean we still keep the other one’s occupation listed as “Twin”? I feel that’s deceiving. Hayley was let go. If you understood exactly which one that was right away, bonus points for you. If you were like me and scrambling for the remote looking back and forth across the TV trying to figure out who the blazes was crying, extra bonus points for you. Amber pulled a Lindsey Yenter and took off her shoes to properly exit after being rejected by Ben because you know 3 strikes you’re out.* Maybe we can find a different way to find love, Amber. Reality television just might not be it. And also Rachel went home. No one remembers who she was.




I’m going to miss having the twins around.

If you haven’t seen Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor, Lindsay Yenter immediately took off her heels and walked barefoot away from Sean after being rejected by him for Catherine Giudici. It’s actually pretty funny to watch. You can relive that moment here. Lindsay Yenter, fun fact, is now Lindsay Swanson and tied the knot in September 2015 according to Twitter and Instagram.

Full Recap actually related to Monday night’s shenanigans coming soon.