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The crew went to Mexico City. Jubilee went home early. Olivia got a rose on a group date and threw some shade Amanda’s way. Emily was like hells no and told Ben and now we’ve come to an impasse.

Who got kicked off: Jubilee was sent home on a group date after she asked Ben to validate his feelings for her. She also asked him this after rejecting his offer to hold hands. Ben escorted her out. Then Jubilee took a line from Ben’s book and threw Ben’s “unloveable” comment around. Take that, Ben.

Bachelor-Board_BenHweek5part1One-on-One: Single Mom Amanda got the one-on-one. They went on a hot air balloon ride over “one of the largest cities of the ancient world.” And Ben was spitting facts like a boss. They had a picnic where Ben couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

What we found out this episode: Amanda wakes up looking perfect at 4:20am, exactly like Britt from season’s past.

Second One-on-One: The second one-on-one went to kindergarten teacher Lauren H. Ben made her model down the runway of a fashion show in Mexico City. On the runway as he was passing by her (because of course Ben was modeling too), he gave her an adorable look.

Quote of the Night: Quote of the Night goes to JoJo in reference to the delicious food they made in Mexico.

“Ben already tasted my taco and loved it.”

Anyone up for Taco Tuesday? Anyone? No takers? #awkotaco

Group Date: First, we get to revisit the inside of a classroom. Another fun fact we learned this episode: Ben likes to learn. And The Bachelor budget is a pittance. Ben took the ladies to a Spanish class, where the ladies learned how to speak the language…kinda, sorta. Then came the assignment. The ladies and Ben were instructed to pair up and buy ingredients in Spanish and make a meal together. Jubilee and Olivia fought over partnering with Ben. Olivia won. It was awkward. Apparently, Olivia also has bad breath in addition to her cankles and fat toes. Alright, let’s take it down a notch people. We need to give some airtime to #OliviasMouth.

Olivia got the rose on the group date much to everyone’s dismay. All of the ladies revolted and answered Ben’s prying questions about what was going on in the house. They put Olivia on blast.

Cocktail Party:

Olivia made mention to Teen Mom when referring to Amanda. Emily was especially offended for Amanda and told Ben. Ben polled the women. Do you like Olivia? Do you like Olivia? How ’bout you? Where do we stand on Olivia? And then proceeded to pull Olivia aside at the end of the cocktail party to get things straightened out.

ABC left it to be continued with a preview of things getting real. There was also a teaser during Bachelor Live that Ben tells two ladies he loves them. (I did not watch Bachelor Live. Okay, maybe I did. But I will not admit to it!)

Full recap to come. (Maybe. This one might suffice.)

Until then, pick a side.