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Leah joined the insecurities bandwagon, as did most of the ladies. The girls fed hot dogs to pigs. Olivia professed her love and then promptly was sent home.

Caila confused the crap out of Ben and kinda sorta said I love you? Olivia definitely said I love you and was immediately sent home. JoJo likened the drove of pigs to a bar in Dallas and all of the emotions are running wild.

Ben canceled the cocktail party this week feeling discouraged and claiming to be emotionally and physically drained. Yeah, because you’re voluntarily opening the flood gates of all of these ladies’ emotions. Ben is attempting to assuage all of the ladies concerns and in the process making things doubly hard on himself. YOU’RE DATING 10 LADIES at the same time. They can get over it. They know what they signed up for. Bring back Juan Pabs! No, please don’t ever do that.

Who got kicked off: Jennifer was sent home at the rose ceremony we left off with last week. Leah threw some heat Lauren B.’s way and Ben was not having it. He sent her home before the rose ceremony for this week. Kindergarten teacher and speaker of inappropriate innuendos, Lauren H., was sent home this week and Olivia went home on a two-on-one date after professing her love for Ben. Deuces.


Full Recap to follow.