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Valentine’s Day Special airs tonight at 8pm

We are down to 6 lovely ladies! And headed to Warsaw, Indiana tomorrow night as Ben narrows down the field for (my personal favorite) hometown dates! For a full recap of last week and a sneak peek of the Valentine’s Day Bachelor 20 Year Celebration, read on!

Who got kicked off: Jennifer was sent home at the rose ceremony we left off with week 5. Leah threw some heat Lauren B.’s way and Ben was not having it. He sent her home before the rose ceremony. Kindergarten teacher and speaker of inappropriate innuendos, Lauren H., was the last one standing at the rose ceremony sans rose, and Olivia went home on a two-on-one date after professing her love for Ben. Deuces. (At least I imagine that’s what the twins would say.)


One-on-One: Caila got another one-on-one date. Somebody likes someone. Leah got super pissed or just very upset because she had yet to get that time with Ben. Doesn’t matter. Spoiler alert: Ben sends Leah home right after that group date because he is not feeling it.

Group Date: Ben, the ladies and Bahama Pigs: Did you know you can feed hot dogs to pigs in the Bahamas in the water? Did you also know this qualifies as a date? This was the weirdest date I’ve seen them go on. I mean considering we’ve had dates take place on school grounds twice this season, I don’t know why I’m surprised. Someone get me the budgeting coordinator. I want helicopters! Anywho, not only did they pretty much get mauled by wild pigs in the water in the Bahamas, they fed them hot dogs. Chicken hot dogs so that it wasn’t cannibalism, but still. Becca was pretty hilarious. In her interview, she made a motion of crossing both arms across her chest and semi-chuckling (out of humor and quite possibly scarring for life) said, “Ben said if you went like this they (meaning the pigs) would stop, but they didn’t.” Ben had an awkward interaction with JoJo and all of the ladies could see his obvious attraction to Lauren B.

Podcaster Juliet Litman of Bachelor Party described the date as someone taking her favorite thing in the whole world, a warm beach and clear blue water and dumping a bunch of farm animals into it. I concur.

Two-on-One: These are my absolute favorite awkward dates of them all. Emily (Twin 2) and Olivia went on the two-on-one together on an island soon to be overtaken by a hurricane. Emily’s hair overtook her face from the wind and Olivia just talked more about herself.

Olivia’s Monologue: “I’m very in tune to my body. I’m very strong and confident. Deep, intellectual things are just my jam. From the moment I met you I knew that it was right. I’m in love with you.”

No one says jam anymore. Unless you’re referring to Space Jam (excellent movie by the way) or toe jam or just jam jam. And people most definitely do not refer to jam when talking about liking intellectual things.

Ben was NOT feeling it. He was visibly uncomfortable. He took the rose and led Olivia off to the side, just enough so that Emily couldn’t hear them but could see them. He gave a very quick speech that told her he was further along in several of his other relationships and was not feeling the same feelings of love Olivia had professed. He then told her he could not give her the rose. Awkward.

Emily rejoiced. Cue epic aerial camera shot of Olivia standing solo on the a-hurricane-is-most-definitely-coming island in the Bahamas. Poor girl. At least she has #OliviasMouth to live on forever.

The Cocktail Party that Wasn’t: Ben canceled the cocktail party feeling discouraged and claiming to be emotionally and physically drained. Ben is attempting to assuage all of the ladies concerns and openly inviting them to pour out all of their feelings and insecurities. Not surprisingly, in the process, he’s making things doubly hard on himself. YOU’RE DATING 10 LADIES at the same time. They can get over it. They know what they signed up for. Bring back Juan Pabs! No, please don’t ever do that.

Teacher Lauren H. was left standing without a rose, and then there were 6. We are getting closer to Hometown Dates, Women Tell All, and Fantasy Suite Dates. In the previews for these we are left with Ben in love with two women.

Chris Harrison’s blog tells us we’re going to get a lot more of Olivia at Women Tell All and that he actually thought the pig feeding date was the best. This makes me question everything about Chris Harrison.

Next Week we’re off to Warsaw, Indiana, which is Ben’s hometown, meaning we get to meet the ‘rents who spawned this great being of a man.


The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love special at 8 p.m.

Photo Credit: www.zap2it.com

Photo Credit: http://www.zap2it.com

Seal’s going to be there. Two full hours of watching the bachelors and bachelorettes of seasons past parade down the D-list red carpet, showing off their baby bumps and wedding rings. We also get a little secret insight into Ashley S.’s baby bump timeline. In an interview with GMA, Chris Harrison revealed that at the Valentine’s Day special he asked how far along Ashley S. was and uncovered an interesting tidbit. Ashley’s little one was conceived right around the time she was either on or left Bachelor in Paradise. Scandalous.

Another fun fact: Baton twirler Kacie Boguskie (now Kacie Gaston after marrying music exec Rusty Gaston) from Sean’s season and Ben Flajnik’s season is happily married and just had a baby named Ranger. Add it to the list of Couples Engaged and Pregnant. I’m sure we’ll find more out tonight at 8pm!

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