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McDonald’s is the winner of sponsorships. Caila is still doing her best to really confuse Ben about her feelings towards him. Keep things interesting. Amanda got a rose on the group date and everybody’s eyebrows rose. Becca and Emily were sent packing.

These roses mean HOMETOWNS people. BRING IT ON.

Amanda got a rose on the group date and everyone’s eyebrows rose because that signifies either Ben is ready to become a baby daddy to two little ones or the producers really reeaally needed that Ben-would-make-a-really-great-dad shot. Amanda also got the worst date in the history of Bachelor. How much is McDonald’s paying Ben? How much? I really need to know because no one brings their date to McDonald’s unless they don’t want it to lead to another date. And also, no one stars in a McDonald’s commercial unless they are paying you a ton of money or giving you a lifetime supply of Big Macs. Even then, no one would do that. (This also proves Chris Soules will do anything for a further piece of the limelight. Speaking of, is anyone going to this event: Bachelor Fantasy Weekend in Boston? I need to know)

Who got kicked off: Bye, bye BeccaEmily was sent home after a one-on-one date with Ben and Ben’s parents. No approval from Mom and Dad. Sorry, Ems. You’re just a young 22. Becca was sent home at the rose ceremony, back to sunny San Diego.


One-on-One: JoJo got a one on one date at Wrigley Field. The same tired old date they did for Ali and Roberto and Chris and Des.

Caila is still doing her best to keep things interesting and really confuse Ben about her feelings towards him. She told the camera her troubles: “I hope that my family is enough. I don’t really have deep roots.” She is complicated.

Amanda while she got the rose on the group date, got the worst date in the history of The Bachelor. They went to McDonald’s followed by a town carnival with life-threatening, rickety fair rides. Bahama pigs aren’t looking so bad now, huh.

One-on-One: Twin 2 Emily got the one-on-one date with Ben and Ben’s parents.

Emily: Are those swans? No, they’re white flotation devices parading in the lake. Yes, of course, they’re swans.

Ben (with his ever so informative facts) tells us: When they kiss they touch noses and their necks form a heart. Great. I feel like I’m back in elementary school. In the classroom. In the last two weeks of cheap dates.

Fun fact: Ben’s mom cried with emotion after meeting Emily, because she didn’t want her son having his heart broken. She did not think Emily was ready for marriage. She is a very young 22. Aaand Emily was immediately sent home after that date.

Rose Ceremony

Ben was having a hard time with that rose ceremony. Honestly, I was expecting him to get rid of Amanda, so I was having a hard time with that rose ceremony too.

Never fear Chris Harrison came in for the rescue to ask the tough questions! He asked Ben if there was one lady he didn’t see as his wife, or something to that effect. And Ben appeared to have a revelation and with a heavy sigh sent Becca home at the rose ceremony.

Full recap coming soon.