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This episode we learned that JoJo’s brother is a reality star who also looked for love (Ready for Love?! Anyone remember that show?!) Caila is way better at planning dates than Ben H., Caila’s dad has the coolest job in the world. And two was too much to handle.

On their way to Fantasy Suite dates (and in the order in which I think they are left standing) are Lauren B., Caila, and JoJo.

Who got kicked off: Ben said good-bye to Amanda and her adorable two little girls, who obviously got their mother’s genes.


The most fun fact, though, is that one of JoJo’s brothers (also named Ben) appeared on that show that I know you all must have watched because it got kicked off the air called Ready for Love by Eva Longoria! Well, if you don’t remember or just never bothered to jump on board that train, download it on iTunes immediately! You’re welcome. It is super confusing and way too many moving parts and I could not get enough of it! Quick and dirty version: Ben (clarification: JoJo’s brother, Ben) was one of the stars paired up with a love coach (who tweeted about Ben last night! See Tracy McMillan.) coached him before going on his dates. It’s amazing. Go watch it when The Bachelor ends and you have like two weeks before The Bachelorette starts and you’re starting to go through withdrawals. You can download it on iTunes here. You’re welcome. It’s awful. Terrible. Can’t stop looking away.

Anywho, JoJo is following in big bro’s footsteps. An ex from the past sent her flowers and a love note. Ben got super nervous saying this has happened in his past relationships and not boded well for him. He kept her anyway, and now we’re down to 3 lucky ladies.

Other fun facts: Caila’s dad designs kid playhouses, which is amazing. And I want to immediately be Caila’s friend for that benefit alone. Lauren B.’s family loves Ben and Ben cried to Lauren B.’s sister Mollie when he talked about how he felt about Lauren B.

Tweets from the Night: