Congrats Ben H. For finding love! For the West Coast peeps I’m not going to give away the details just yet. But I am giving away something nifty.

GIVEAWAY DEETS: Your friends at LogiTech want you to have this super sweet Circle in-home security device. I used it to record our reactions to the finale. Sean and Catherine demoed it. It’s pretty sweet and sends the stream straight to your phone. Use it to record your reactions to next season or to see what your pets are up to during the day.

But how do I win?


1. Leave a comment on the blog – this post or the recap coming soon. It can be anything from ‘I love the finale,’ ‘#TeamLaurenB’ ‘#TeamJoJo’ to I hate this blog to what is happening? And you’ll get an entry to win.

2. To get a bonus entry tweet and don’t forget to tag @elisekovi so I can find them.

We’ll randomly select a winner and announce it on the blog!

Good luck, Bachelor Fans!