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Congrats to the happy couple!!! Jordan and Jojo! Whose celebrity couple name shall be sung to the tune of JoJoJo or JoJordan or JorJo? JarJar?


Who got kicked off: Robby was the last of the batch to have his heart broken by JoJo. JoJo told him she had always wanted it to be him but that she loved Jordan.Bachelor-Board_Jojofinale


img_5413After the Final Rose

JoJo and Jordan talked about the struggles of the tabloids spreading rumors. JoJo and Jordan were quick to put those rumors to rest by announcing they were moving in together. Jordan’s leaving Chico, CA for Texas! They seem happy in love. Super awko taco was having Ben and Laruen in the audience. Only because JoJo talked about her breakup with Ben throughout the entire season. But good news, now JoJo has a semi-ex-pro football player / one degree away from Aaron Rodgers fiance to show for the breakup. But wait Ben has a TV show deal on Freeform, showcasing his new life with Lauren. There really are no hard feelings there. Everyone seems happy for everyone and Chad is still lobbying for next Bachelor. Let’s hope that’s not a thing.


Get ready Bachelor Fans, Bachelor in Paradise is coming!