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Finally! At long last we meet the true hero of the show: Nanny Raquel. And she is everything. Nick got a fancy new outfit. And Andi Dorfman returned.

Bring out the cheese pasta, it’s time to meet Raquel!screenshot-2017-02-21-00-37-47

Raven, Rachel, Corinne and Vanessa are the four ladies who received hometown dates. But oh wait, what’s that? Andi Dorfman returned.

Who got kicked off: No rose ceremony. Andi returned. Kristina was kicked off last week before hometowns.

the bachelor nick v hometownsHometowns! If we thought Nick struggled with planning dates, we weren’t preparing ourselves. The ladies really upped him on that one. Raven took him on a swamp date. Rachel put him through the interracial couple ringer. Corinne took him shopping. And Vanessa took him to everyone she could round up in Canada.

Raven – Hoxie, AR

Raven took him to Hoxie, AR where they rode 4-wheelers through a swamp and almost got arrested by her police officer brother. As a practical joke, Raven told Nick that in Hoxie they tell secrets at the grain bin, which I’m pretty sure if you’re not careful and fall in could kill you quickly. Like suffocate you and stuff. Not sexy. She had him climb up it with her. The police arrived, one officer went to the production crew and the other to Raven and Nick. Nick got visibly frightened and then the officer revealed he was Raven’s brother. Point for Raven!

Raven didn’t say ‘I love you,’ but I thought she said something close to that in a nice way. “There is no hesitation on my end for what becomes of this.”

Raven’s dad told her he was cancer-free and in case you haven’t been following, Raven owns her own boutique, and started it when she found out her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Romper.com reports she felt life’s too short not to do what you love.

Raven’s Boutique: Grey || Suede They have some Bachelor/ette-themed items you may want to add to your collection.

Rachel – Dallas, TX

Rachel the adorable attorney took Nick to church and then to meet her family. They talked a lot about interracial marriage. Her family is equally adorable.

Nick claimed he and Rachel “have the most explosive chemistry of them all.”

Nick: “I’m not color blind. I know you’re black.” It doesn’t matter to him because he sees her as a person he’s very much attracted to.

If by now you don’t know Rachel is the next bachelorette you have been actively avoiding all news and I feel it is my duty to tell you. Spoiler Alert: It’s Rachel.

Glamour reports in an interview on Live With Kelly, Chris Harrison let viewers know the reason for the announcement coming so early. He said it had to do with filming schedules for The Bachelorette and giving people enough time to sign up to audition for her season. It was to benefit her, he said.

Corinne – Miami, FL

Corinne dropped a cool $3k on a clothing shopping spree. Corinne also dropped the L-bomb on Nick after a casual lunch date. He smiled a smile of love and kissed her. Corinne’s dad fed him homegrown olives and expensive scotch with thumb indents on the glasses.

Pro Shopping Tip from Corinne: The dressing room is your holy ground.

Corinne to her dad: I love him.

Dad: Really?

Corinne (not understanding why her dad is confused): We’ve been dating a 1 1/2 months now.

Yup. 3 group dates a relationship makes.

There was talk about Corinne possibly being the breadwinner in the relationship.

The most exciting moment was getting to meet Raquel! Corinne’s nanny Raquel had dinner with the fam and is just truly amazing.

Vanessa – Montreal, QC

Vanessa brought back the scrapbook. She took him to see her special education students and forced them, I mean had them, make ANOTHER scrapbook of her time with Nick on the show. Her students were adorable. Kevin is my hero. They all approved of Nick. She also took Nick to both her mom’s house and dad’s house because her parents are divorced. Her mom’s house had half of Montreal in there all speaking Italian. Her dad’s house was quieter with just her dad and his new wife.

Everyone traveled to Brooklyn, NY for the rose ceremony, including an unexpected guest…

Andi’s Back!

Andi Dorfman Nick’s old lover who chose Josh over him returned and next week we find out what that means.

Fun Fact: Andi was a lawyer. Rachel is an attorney. And Raven went to law school. Common thread, Nick?

Best tweets of the night: These entertaining tweeters.

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screenshot-2017-02-21-00-37-28 screenshot-2017-02-21-00-38-21Do you think Andi came back for Nick? Or to give much-needed advice and guidance?