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“Instead you’ve noticed every part of me.” – Vanessa

Congrats to Vanessa and Nick who got engaged in Finland! Fourth time’s a charm. Or a challenge. We will see!

The Bachelor Finale and the start of The Bachelorette? Well, that’s unprecedented. After the final rose on After The Final Rose, Nick and Vanessa came out to show how rocky their relationship was, but covered it up saying it was “challenging” and that they’re still very much in love, Raven came out to be so poised towards Nick about the breakup and find out she’s on Bachelor in Paradise, and Rachel came out and ABC started her season of The Bachelorette. Bring out the men.

Who got kicked off: Raven went home as Nick said good-bye to our saucy southerner and hallo to our Canadian girl.

Raven and Vanessa met the family. For Raven this was the second time, because back in the beginning episodes she had gone to Bella’s (Nick’s younger sister) soccer game and met the fam. The dates were very different. Vanessa spent all of her date crying…with Nick’s family…after meeting Nick’s family. Just because. Nick’s dad cried. Nick’s mom cried. Nick cried. It was a lot of tears.

Vanessa might have been crying because her date consisted of a sled ride that ended in meeting Santa. Yes, Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, Raven got to fool around on ice skates and play with puppies! Yes, puppies!!

Despite all of the fun that he had with Raven, Nick chose the more challenging, but loving relationship he had with Vanessa.

After the Final Rose 

The happy couple came out. Vanessa talked a lot about their relationship and said it was hard, but that they were working through it and still in love. Look at the size of that rock! Neil Lane said it was the largest one he had done. I think that’s the one Nick chose.

Fun Fact

Warning this might break your heart about Vanessa. While she is a special education teacher for adults. She’s also an aspiring, or previously aspiring, actress. She has her own whole IMDB page. I feel used.

Raven got a pretty great conciliatory prize. She’s going to Bachelor in Paradise.

The Start of The Bachelorette

Rachel came out looking hotter than ever in a killer jumpsuit. With. A. Cape. Yas queen.

Chris Harrison’s advice to Rachel: “Always listen to the host.” Read: Don’t write me out of the show. Like Nick did. Every episode.

Rachel came out in an all black effin pant suit and cape. She was killing it. She looked gorgeous. A-game. Aaaaand they immediately dragged out a faux Bachelor Mansion backdrop and a bunch of the men. They started her season of The Bachelorette right then and there.

Four men came out for Vanessa’s season and gave their introductions. One of them danced with her. One of them said, “I’m ready to go black and never look back.” Can you say that? I’m pretty sure you can’t say that. Did he just say that? Can you say that?

The dancing man

And another did a magic trick, gave her two tickets to Vegas and pulled out a ring and said, “You like that? It’s all yours.” Umm, yes. This season is going to be good.

They couldn’t shuffle out Nick and Vanessa fast enough. ABC was like don’t look at this challenging relationship for Nick’s fourth attempt, but instead look at this here Bachelorette and all the hope she brings to the franchise! I’m all for it. Let’s pop the bubbly, uncork the wine and bring out Rachel and her men! The remainder of her premiere starts May 22, 9|8c. See you then, Bachelor Fans.